Introducing the Direct Challenge Tool – Find Friends to Play With!

Today we are introducing the Direct Challenge tool here at MTG Arena Zone, where you can queue up and find like-minded players that want to play non-Standard formats currently not freely available on MTG Arena. We also encourage you to join our Discord channel where you can further coordinate and chat with other players.

The developer of the tool is nex2null#36463, and he is open to friend requests or to play some Pauper!

This is the same idea to the popular, but here you can select formats other than Brawl, such as Pauper or Artisan. Features like this do require a critical mass of players to join without having to wait too long (also depends on how Wizards develop the MTG Arena client itself), so we will observe and see how it goes before expanding more features.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’re always available in our Discord server mentioned above.

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