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Jumpstart Pack Themes and Contents

Jumpstart Pack Themes and Contents

Quickly find out what cards are contained in Jumpstart packets with this handy reference tool.

Jumpstart will be available as an event on MTG Arena once again from June 4, 2021 to July 8, 2021. For an entry fee of 2000 Gold or 400 Gems, you will be able to select two themed booster packs each containing 20 predefined cards that are shuffled together into a deck to play with as much as you like. Each entry will also grant up to two additional Jumpstart-only rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) per win. The set contains 78 new cards, 417 reprints and the packs also contain a mixture of 169 Core Set 2021 cards that fit into the theme of the booster pack. While the new cards introduced to MTG Arena will not be Standard legal, they will be introduced to the Historic card pool.

There are 46 themes and 121 pack variations in Jumpstart, each with predetermined 20 card decklists. Below is a list of all of them, as well as the key rares, mythic rares and the themed Basic Land you will find in each pack. Use the search bar to quickly look for the theme, and click on the theme name for the exact decklist and find out what other cards (the commons and uncommons) are contained in the packs. Keep in mind the 20 cards being replaced in MTG Arena, referenced in the event guide.

This will be a useful reference for players that wish to select packs that have cards that they do not already have and efficiently manage their collection. You cannot buy Jumpstart packs from the store, and though you will be able to redeem them for Wildcards, the special Basic Lands are only found by participating in the event and opening the packs. Some packs also have more than one rare.

For example, if you select the “Angel” theme, you have a 50% chance of opening a pack containing Baneslayer Angel or the one that contains both Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Serra’s Guardian. If you already have four copies of Baneslayer Angel from your Core Set 2021 collection, you will receive 40 Gems. Selecting a Liliana pack will guarantee a Liliana, Waker of the Dead and Liliana’s Standard Bearer.


Jumpstart packs contain many cards already in MTG Arena. Only about 100 cards are unique to this set, and are all mostly Historic legal but cannot be used for Standard. You will find cards in Core Set 2021 and cards like Woe Strider which have versions in Jumpstart that you can collect as well as in Theros Beyond Death. Another thing to note is that you can only obtain the unique Basic Lands by participating in the event. All things considered, it can be quite expensive to collect the whole set – especially given that you are not guaranteed to open a particular pack. As a general advice:

  • If you are a Standard player, you should not invest too much in the Jumpstart event. It is targeted for new players who want a casual, non-competitive Magic: The Gathering experience.
  • If you are a Historic player (or wanting to get into it) it is may be better to craft cards individually that you need and open specific packs from the store that contribute towards the Wildcard wheel. Though Mythic Rares are generally hard to get this way, we wouldn’t count on opening packs that contain the Jumpstart Mythic Rare you need.
  • If you wish to collect the Basic Lands, be prepared to enter the event many times! At minimum, you will need to enter at least 23 times, assuming you get lucky and open different packs in each run, not taking into account the synergy or overall power of your Jumpstart deck. We recommend you always pick the “rare” or “mythic” pack that has a less chance of being opened whenever it pops up.
NameRarityRare #1Rare #2Basic Land
Minions 4CommonGhoulcaller GisaSwamp
Minions 3CommonPhyrexian TowerSwamp
Minions 2CommonKels, Fight FixerSwamp
Minions 1CommonKels, Fight FixerSwamp
RainbowMythicMaelstrom ArchangelChamber SentryTerramorphic Expanse
GarrukMythicGarruk, UnleashedGarruk’s HarbingerForest Spoiler
Lightning 2RareLightning PhoenixLightning SerpentLightning Mountain
Lightning 1RareLightning PhoenixLightning Mountain
ChandraMythicChandra, Heart of FireChandra's IncineratorMountain
BasriMythicBasri KetBasri's LieutenantPlains
TeferiMythicTeferi, Master of TimeTeferi's Ageless Insightm19-310-island
Predatory 4CommonRavenous BalothForest (Predatory)
Predatory 3CommonThragtuskForest (Predatory)
Predatory 2CommonNeyith of the Dire HuntForest (Predatory)
Predatory 1CommonNeyith of the Dire HuntForest (Predatory)
Witchcraft 2RareWitch of the MoorsBogbrew WitchWitchcraft Swamp
Witchcraft 1RareWitch of the MoorsBogbrew WitchWitchcraft Swamp
Dogs 1RarePack LeaderPlains Jumpstart
Dogs 2RarePack LeaderIsamaru, Hound of KondaPlains Jumpstart
Discarding 2RareLiliana's ReaverNyxathidDiscard Swamp
Discarding 1RareTinybones, Trinket ThiefDiscard Swamp
Reanimated 4CommonRise of the Dark RealmsReanimated Swamp
Reanimated 3CommonGravewakerthb-123-woe-striderReanimated Swamp
Reanimated 2CommonDoomed NecromancerReanimated Swamp
Reanimated 1CommonDoomed NecromancerReanimated Swamp
Vampires 4Commonjmp-225-drana-liberator-of-malakirVampires Swamp
Vampires 3Commonjmp-231-exquisite-bloodVampires Swamp
Vampires 2CommonVito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseVampires Swamp
Vampires 1CommonVito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseVampires Swamp
Tree-Hugging 4Commonjmp-432-soul-of-the-harvestjmp-441-verdant-embracejmp-70-forest
Tree-Hugging 3CommonJolrael, Mwonvuli Reclusejmp-70-forest
Tree-Hugging 2Commonjmp-422-primordial-sagejmp-70-forest
Tree-Hugging 1Commonjmp-422-primordial-sagejmp-70-forest
Wizards 2CommonRiptide Laboratoryjmp-047-island
Wizards 4CommonBarrin, Tolarian Archmagejmp-047-island
Wizards 3Commonjmp-181-talrand-sky-summonerjmp-047-island
Wizards 1Commonjmp-181-talrand-sky-summonerjmp-047-island
Lands 2RareOracle of Mul DayaForest
Lands 1RareUlvenwald HydraForest
Archaeology 4Commonjmp-482-scarecronejmp-049-island
Archaeology 3Commonjmp-176-sharding-sphinxjmp-187-vedalken-archmagejmp-049-island
Archaeology 1Commonjmp-014-scholar-of-the-lost-trovejmp-049-island
Archaeology 2Commonjmp-014-scholar-of-the-lost-trovejmp-049-island
Cats 2RareFeline SovereignLurking PredatorsCats Forest
Cats 1RareFeline SovereignCats Forest
Dinosaurs 4CommonRampaging BrontodonPrimal MightDino Forest
Dinosaurs 3CommonGhalta, Primal HungerDino Forest
Dinosaurs 2CommonSelvala, Heart of the WildsDino Forest
Dinosaurs 1CommonGhalta, Primal HungerDino Forest
Elves 2RareAllosaurus ShepherdElves Forest
Elves 1RareElvish ArchdruidCraterhoof BehemothElves Forest
Heavily Armored 4CommonHigh Sentinels of ArashinDuelist's HeritageHeavily Armed Plains
Heavily Armored 3CommonMikaeus, the LunarchHeavily Armed Plains
Heavily Armored 2CommonCathars' CrusadeHeavily Armed Plains
Heavily Armored 1CommonCathars' CrusadeHeavily Armed Plains
LilianaMythicLiliana, Waker of the DeadLiliana's Standard BearerSwamp
PhyrexianMythicCarnifex DemonPhyrexian Swamp
SeismicMythicGrim LavamancerMagmaquakeSeismic Mountain
UnicornsMythicEmiel the BlessedBlessed SanctuaryUnicorn Plains
WallsMythicTowering TitanAssault FormationWalls Forest
Well-Read 4Commoneld-048-gadwick-the-wizenedWell-Read Island
Well-Read 3CommonTeferi's Ageless InsightWell-Read Island
Well-Read 2CommonOrmos, Archive KeeperWell-Read Island
Well-Read 1CommonOrmos, Archive KeeperWell-Read Island
Above the Clouds 4CommonKira, Great Glass-SpinnerAbove the Clouds Island
Above the Clouds 3CommonWindreader SphinxAbove the Clouds Island
Above the Clouds 2CommonInniaz, the Gale ForceSerendib EfreetAbove the Clouds Island
Above the Clouds 1CommonInniaz, the Gale ForceAbove the Clouds Island
Feathered Friends 4CommonArchon of JusticeArchon of RedemptionFeathered Friends Plains
Feathered Friends 3CommonAngel of the Dire HourFeathered Friends Plains
Feathered Friends 2CommonSteel-Plume MarshalFeathered Friends Plains
Feathered Friends 1CommonSteel-Plume MarshalFeathered Friends Plains
Goblins 4CommonKrenko, Mob BossGoblins Mountain
Goblins 3CommonGoblin GoonGoblin ChieftainGoblins Mountain
Goblins 1CommonMuxus, Goblin GrandeeGoblins Mountain
Goblins 2CommonMuxus, Goblin GrandeeGoblins Mountain
Legion 4CommonLena, Selfless ChampionMentor of the MeekLegion Plains
Legion 3CommonGlorious AnthemLegion Plains
Legion 2CommonGlorious AnthemLegion Plains
Legion 1CommonBlessed SanctuaryLegion Plains
Minotaurs 2RareSethron, Hurloon GeneralRageblood ShamanMinotaurs Mountain
Minotaurs 1RareSethron, Hurloon GeneralMinotaurs Mountain
Pirates 2RareCorsair CaptainPirates Island
Pirates 1RareCorsair CaptainPirates Island
Plus One 4CommonBranching EvolutionChampion of LambholtPlus One Forest
Plus One 3CommonRishkar, Peema RenegadePlus One Forest
Plus One 2CommonBranching EvolutionPlus One Forest
Plus One 1CommonPrimeval BountyPlus One Forest
Rogues 2RareThieves' Guild EnforcerRogues Swamp
Rogues 1RareThieves' Guild EnforcerGonti, Lord of LuxuryRogues Swamp
Smashing 4CommonEtali, Primal StormSmashing Mountain
Smashing 3CommonHamletback GoliathSarkhan's UnsealingSmashing Mountain
Smashing 2CommonVolcanic SalvoSmashing Mountain
Smashing 1CommonVolcanic SalvoSmashing Mountain
Spellcasting 4CommonImmolating GyreSpellcasting Mountain
Spellcasting 3CommonCharmbreaker DevilsDualcaster MageSpellcasting Mountain
Spellcasting 2CommonDouble VisionSpellcasting Mountain
Spellcasting 1CommonDouble VisionSpellcasting Mountain
Spirits 2RareShacklegeistRattlechainsSpirits Island
Spirits 1RareShacklegeistSpirits Island
Spooky 4CommonBlack MarketSpooky Swamp
Spooky 3CommonOgre SlumlordLanguishSpooky Swamp
Spooky 2CommonHarvester of SoulsSpooky Swamp
Spooky 1CommonLiliana's Standard BearerSpooky Swamp
Under the Sea 2RarePursued WhaleWhelming WaveUnder the Sea Island
Under the Sea 1RarePursued WhaleUnder the Sea Island
Angels 2RareLinvala, Keeper of SilenceSerra's GuardianAngels Plains
Angels 1RareBaneslayer AngelAngels Plains
Devilish 4CommonHellriderSin ProdderDevilish Mountain
Devilish 3CommonBrash TaunterDevilish Mountain
Devilish 2CommonZurzoth, Chaos RiderDevilish Mountain
Devilish 1CommonZurzoth, Chaos RiderDevilish Mountain
Doctor 4CommonCradle of VitalityPath of BraveryPlains
Doctor 3CommonRhox FaithmenderPlains
Doctor 2CommonSpeaker of the HeavensPlains
Doctor 1CommonSpeaker of the HeavensPlains
Dragons 2RareLathliss, Dragon QueenGadrak, the Crown-ScourgeDragons Mountain
Dragons 1RareTerror of the PeaksDragons Mountain
Enchanted 2RareCelestial Mantlethb-003-archon-of-suns-graceEnchanted Plains
Enchanted 1RareKor SpiritdancerEnchanted Plains

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