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Magic Pro League Eldraine Split Pearl Division Decklists

32 Magic Pro League players are fighting to secure their spot in the league next season, with the introduction of the Rivals League and the new Magic Esport structure. They will be battling to win an instant ticket to Day Two by at Mythic Championship VII in December.

You can see the live stream for Pearl Division at Saturday, 11/2 at noon PT / 7 p.m. UTC on Twitch.

Here we have 6 Sultai Food decks, 1 Simic Food and 1 lone Selesnya Adventures deck. Andrew Cuneo attempts to make a metagame call against the Oko decks – but will he succeed in the sea of Noxious Grasp and Massacre Girl? Read our news article on the current state of the metagame here, in light of today’s decklists.

Source: Eldraine Split Pearl Division Decklists

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