MTG Arena Removed from Nvidia GeForce NOW – Update – Reinstated


Update: Rejoice! Magic The Gathering: Arena has now been reinstated to GeForce NOW.


MTG Arena has been removed from the game lineup on the GeForce Now platform, a subscription-based cloud gaming service offered by Nvidia. This was one of the ways players could play MTG Arena on macOS.

Hi everyone, the following games have been removed from GeForce NOW at the publisher’s request:

– Magic The Gathering: Arena

In August this year, it had been announced that MTG Arena would be coming to macOS this year during winter shortly after the Epic Games Store launch. This could potentially mean that an official release could be coming relatively soon as the demand for it is definitely out there.

In the meantime, players can still enjoy MTG Arena on macOS using Wineskin. You can find a detailed guide on GitHub here.



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  1. servermonkey says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that the WINE workaround is not Catalina compatible. 🙁