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Magic Spellslingers Tier List: Best Planeswalkers and Decklists

Our definitive Magic Spellslingers Tier List, ranking all the Planeswalkers and their best decks. Find out the best builds in the current meta!

Hello everyone! The global release for Magic Spellslingers was about a month ago and I have been absolutely loving the game. I think it captures the feel of old Hearthstone really well with a lot of interesting cards, planeswalkers, and decks. I have been so captured by the game that I’ve hit Mythic twice now in it and will happily keep climbing, so if you were on the fence about trying this game, I would definitely recommend giving it a chance.

Now onto the fun part. As it stands, I’ve seen pretty much zero content out there for Spellslingers and I’m hoping to fix that a bit! After a month of playing and two different metagames to work with, I think I have a strong grasp on the relative strength of all the planeswalkers and the best decks for each of them. Now I want to be clear, this tier list is going to be extremely subjective and based around my and my teammates’ experiences on ladder. While I have a lot of experience, what I’m saying shouldn’t be taken as an overall truth as I’m sure there are plenty of strategies I am not yet privy of. Furthermore, the builds I recommend are going to be the ones I (or my teammates) had the most success with, not necessarily the absolute best build of any deck. None the less, I hope this can be useful for you.

As a note before we jump in, if you’re looking to get these decks onto your account, copy the code provided and go to your collections tab, Spellslingers will recognize you have a deck in your clipboard, then you hit copy to actually get it. Click on the links in the table below to skip to the section you want to go to for future reference!

Tier 0Drizzt
Tier 1Vraska
Tier 2Chandra
Tier 3Angrath
Tier 4Nahiri

Tier 0



Like Ral before him, Drizzt is now easily the best deck on Spellslingers. It is a rough deck to deal with as it’s very fast and the pressure that the Cat provides makes it difficult to defend against. Furthermore, this is a nightmare matchup for most slower decks as between the Haste Legends and the ability to grant Ward constantly, it’s extremely hard to interact with their creatures making it unbelievably challenging to grind out.

While this may seem like I’m doomsaying and Drizzt definitely needs some nerfs, I would argue that it’s not as oppressive as Ral was. Drizzt is tough to deal with for sure, and while I don’t think many decks boast even a 50/50 matchup against Drizzt, it’s less consistent than Ral was and there’s greater ability to build against it unlike Ral who was favored in every matchup. None the less, it’s Drizzt’s world right now and we have to do the tier list accordingly.

Tier 1



Right behind Drizzt in power, we have Vraksa. While not obviously oppressive, I think Vraska is a strategy that has very few holes to exploit. You’re very strong against the aggressive decks (and around 50/50 against Drizzt) as you have a slew of early game creatures and then plenty of removal in the late game.

You would think this makes you weak against controlling strategies, but with your early creatures being relatively strong, you can mount a good amount of pressure. The only matchup I’m truly unhappy to see as Vraska is Jace since they can really go over you, but otherwise, I think Vraska is favored or 50/50 against the rest of the walkers.



The premier aggressive strategy of Spellslingers, Domri does one thing and one thing only: floods the board. With a cheap curve complementing Domri’s ability, you can fill the board quickly and overwhelm opponents not ready to deal with such an aggressive front.

While I’m still up in the air about it, Domri may be one of the few decks to have a positive Drizzt matchup as, beyond Drizzt’s best draws, they will have a slower clock than you allowing you to get under them. Even if the Drizzt matchup is unfavorable, Domri is really good at blindsiding players who don’t respect aggressive decks enough.



Vivien is in a bit of an awkward spot right now, but still quite deserving of a tier one placement. In a vacuum, Vivien is excellent. With the ability to play 8 off color creatures, you can build extremely powerful creature decks that are good against aggressive and controlling decks. Furthermore, with the upgrades package, you can make your creatures even more threatening than normal, and considering most of the upgrades are quite powerful, this shouldn’t be underestimated. Have you gone turn one ability into turn two Kalonian Tusker with a buff? It’s a nightmare to deal with.

While Vivien is excellent, since you run very little removal, the Drizzt matchup can be quite rough. While it’s not impossible to combat them as you can just have a good board presence and block their Legends, it’s much easier said than done considering Drizzt is really good at keeping their threats alive. Nevertheless, I don’t think the Drizzt matchup is hopeless by any means so if you’re a fan of Vivien, she’s still a great choice.

Tier 2



Everybody’s first planeswalker tops our second tier! As it stands, I think Chandra is a bit worse than Domri at getting the opponent dead. I find Domri can get the job done a little quicker and more consistency, but that isn’t to say that Chandra doesn’t have her advantages.

The main advantage that keeps me interested in Chandra is her reach. Unlike Domri, you have significantly more ways to deal direct damage which can be better in metagames that are more hostile to creatures so it’s good to keep in mind.



This may come as a surprise to most, but I think Teferi is the control deck of choice right now for two reasons. The first reason is that it’s the best shell for Healer’s Kit which is one of the stronger things you can be doing right now. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, Healer’s Kit can actually add charges to artifacts that have used a charge counter already. While this has been confirmed to be an unintended interaction, you can safely assume that many players will utilize it until patched.

In that vein, from the developer’s response, it seems that the patch won’t be coming anytime soon so everyone is free to use it until it is fixed. If you don’t want to use the Healer’s Kit version, I would suggest the decklist below.


The second and more important reason I like Teferi is that it seems reasonably well positioned against aggro decks and Drizzt which is quite the achievement for a Control deck. While it’s hard to say if Teferi would be this high without Healer’s Kit and Drizzt being so strong, I think this is a fair placement for him as it stands.



To kick off the second half of Tier 2, we have Ajani. If Drizzt has taught us anything, Selensya Aggro is actually quite the powerful archetype. While I have killed and been killed by the Legends part of Drizzt many times, I’ve won/lost my fair share of games just being an aggro deck as well. To that end, if you’re trying to be an aggressive deck with huge creatures, it’s hard to do better than Ajani.

With the ability to scale up your creatures like crazy, you can be strong against the other aggressive decks as you have favorable blocks and also present a steady stream of threats against slower decks. While realistically, Ajani is a weaker Drizzt, he is better against the aggressive decks if that matters more to you.



Nissa is in a super weird spot right now as she seems powerful, but suffers from not having the proper list yet. The ability to play 6 off color cards is very powerful and lets you splash extremely high impact threats. While not inherently strong against Drizzt, being able to make an insanely powerful late game deck deserves a lot of respect and having access to Rampant Growth makes this easier.

Until Nissa finds her best list, it’s going to be tough to rate this higher and I may even be overvaluing her, but I think the potential is definitely there as she is quite unique among the walkers. The main issue is that we’re naturally weak against Drizzt as we’re working towards the late game rather than the early game where we really need to stabilize, but that’s the cost of playing one of the best late game walkers.

Like Teferi, if you are not keen on using Healer’s Kit, you can use the list below instead.




While I have Kiora listed under Nissa, I think they are rather interchangeable as they do very similar things. Both decks are really good at going to the late game, and while Nissa can splash cards, Kiora gets free Leviathans if they live long enough which is very powerful. In a similar vein to Nissa, Kiora struggles against Drizzt as it’s difficult to remove their threats, but if you manage to live long enough, you will have the inevitability in the vast majority of matchps.



Jace is a really powerful planeswalker affected by some unfortunate circumstances. First you had to contend with Ral which was a rough matchup unless you went UW for all the healing effects you can play, and now we have Drizzt which has felt like an impossible matchup to solve. To make matters worse, Ashiok is one of the more popular walkers I’ve seen and that matchup is similarly abysmal for Jace.

While being bad against two of the most popular decks is not at all where you want to be, Jace is the best late game deck hands down as he will eventually win if he lives long enough. If/when Drizzt gets nerf, I wouldn’t be surprised if he can overtake Teferi again, but until then, I think it’s a big risk playing him despite how strong he is.

Tier 3



Angrath is a simple case: he’s not a particularly good walker, but Rakdos Aggro is a pretty reasonable deck making him an alright choice. I don’t believe he does anything better than Domri or Chandra which makes it a tough walker to justify, but I have heard murmurings of going Angrath control to counter Drizzt. I’m pretty suspect that going hard to beat one deck is ever a good strategy, especially with the prevalence of late game decks, but it is something to think about.



While interesting, having an ability that’s only good when you’re doing well is very awkward. Kaya does seem relatively powerful, but if you fall behind or you can’t trigger your Quest enough times, it’s very difficult to win. Combine that with the splash damage Kaya has to contend with since many decks are trying to beat Drizzt and you have an awkward situation. I think Kaya has a lot of potential, but she’s not a particularly good walker.



It’s pretty funny that Liliana got a nerf with the introduction of Drizzt as I had Liliana in tier three before any changes! For what it’s worth, it was to dissuade players in lower ranks While her ability seems very powerful and she gets access to some fantastic cards like Zombify and Liliana’s Goliath, she just isn’t particularly strong. Whether you’re going aggro or control, you can do better with a different walker realistically. I feel that there is a build for Liliana as there is definitely potential, but it has yet to be found.



So you can attack with three creatures to get a 4/4, or attack with one creature to get a creature that has Trample and can scale past 4 power? Yeah, not much of a contest. While Gideon does have potential as, if Domri taught us anything, going wide is very powerful, realistically he’s not doing anything that another walker can’t do better.



The bigger they are, the harder they fall. While I was a fan of the Ral changes, he was unfortunately nerfed into the ground. You can still be strong against the slower decks which is a plus, but only the ones that can’t kill quickly like Teferi or Jace. Maybe there just needs to be a fresh build utilizing Ral, but without the strength of cheap Chaos Lightnings and Breaching Serpents, he’s going to be hard pressed to be better than Jace.



I know this is easily the hottest take on the list and Ashiok is extremely popular, but I believe Ashiok is quite abysmal. While excellent against the slowest of decks, it’s pretty rare you are beating anyone who can put up a meaningful aggressive front. Since you have little control of the cards you get over the course of the game, your card quality generally just pales in comparison to your opponents so you mostly have to hope you high roll with the random cards, the opponent stumbles badly, or both.

After much playing with and against Ashiok, I really don’t see why they’re so popular beyond being fun to play as I felt decks that had any reasonable curve were very tough matchups from both sides of it.

Tier 4



They did Nahiri dirty. Nahiri’s ability is easily the worst in the game as spending one mana to give a creature +1/+0 for a turn is extremely weak in a vacuum and laughable compared to Vivien’s ability which grants a permanent ability for the same price. To make matters worse, Nahiri has one of the smallest health pools in the game making her easier to kill quickly. If Nahiri had more life to work with, I could see Control Nahiri being an actual player, but considering it’s a game of inches, it’s hard to stay alive even with a lot of removal and life gain.

Going aggro Nahiri is an even worse prospect as you do literally nothing better than any of the aggressive planeswalkers beyond gaining access to Kor Recruit which is a solid card. I hope with the next update they throw Nahiri a lifeline because as it stands, it’s the walker that I’ve seen by far the least on ladder.

Agree or disagree? Let me know in the Discord server!

Thanks for reading!

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