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Magic World Championship XXVI 2020 Live Coverage

Join us for the second day of the tournament as we go through each play and each match!

Live Stream

Standings and Brackets

Top 8 Bracket

Saturday Play-In

Winner Group

Elimination Group

Draft A

Draft B

Player NameStandard DeckHistoric Deck
Raphael LevyJeskai Fires
Piotr GlogowskiJund Sacrifice
Paolo Vitor Damo Da RosaAzorius Control
Jean-Emmanual DeprazTemur Reclamation
Autumn BurchettTemur Reclamation
Sebastian PozzoMono Red Aggro
Seth ManfieldMono Red Aggro
Gabriel NassifJeskai Fires
Andrea MengucciMono Red Aggro
Marcio CarvalhoJeskai Fires
Ondrej StraskyAzorius Control
Javier DominguezJeskai Fires
Eli LovemanMono Red Aggro
Matias LeverattoTemur Reclamation
Thoralf SeverinAzorius Control
Chris KvartekTemur Reclamation

Tournament Recap

Text Coverage

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