Magic World Championship XXVI 2020 Live Coverage

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Standings and Brackets

Top 8 Bracket

Saturday Play-In

Winner Group

Elimination Group

Draft A

Draft B

Player NameDeck ColorDeck NameRanking
Raphael LevyJeskai Fires09
Piotr GlogowskiJund Sacrifice11
Paolo Vitor Damo Da RosaAzorius Control01
Jean-Emmanual DeprazTemur Reclamation07
Autumn BurchettTemur Reclamation07
Sebastian PozzoMono Red Aggro05
Seth ManfieldMono Red Aggro03
Gabriel NassifJeskai Fires04
Andrea MengucciMono Red Aggro13
Marcio CarvalhoJeskai Fires02
Ondrej StraskyAzorius Control13
Javier DominguezJeskai Fires15
Eli LovemanMono Red Aggro05
Matias LeverattoTemur Reclamation15
Thoralf SeverinAzorius Control11
Chris KvartekTemur Reclamation09

Tournament Recap

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4 Responses

  1. Hughie de Villiers says:

    Thank you so much, everyone there , from the amazing players to the great coverage team! Sitting here in South Africa, loving every minute of these incredible matches! Go Gabriel Nassif!

  2. ProfessorPond says:

    Aw man Mengu. Poor guy had a rough day at the office. Good games all round though.

  3. ReyalsFrontrunner says:

    Great job to the whole team! I’ve enjoyed watching the whole tournament this weekend. It’s my superbowl! lol. I’ve loved the quality and effort put on by everyone.

  4. Ben says:

    I can’t watch the steam, so this has been how I’m keeping up with worlds! Thank you SO much for the updates, more more more more!