May 9, 2021 SCG Championship Qualifier Report – Decks and Metagame Breakdown

SCG satellites and Championship qualifiers continued this weekend with a total of eight satellites taking place over Friday and Saturday, culminating with the $5k Championship Qualifier on Sunday. A complete list of decks and more event information can be found on MTG Melee.

This weekend’s tournaments featured Standard play and there aren’t too many surprises in the overall metagame, with over half the field taken up by familiar decks: Sultai Ramp, Dimir Rogues, and Naya and Temur adventure decks.

ArchetypeNumber of decksPercent of fieldWinrate
Sultai Ramp (Yorion)4824%50.2732%
Dimir Rogues (Lurrus)2211%38.8235%
Naya Adventures (Jegantha)199.5%50.5263%
Temur Adventures (Obosh)189%52.439%
Mono-Red Aggro ❄168%57.3171%
Jeskai Cycling115.5%56.6667%
Izzet Tempo ❄94.5%53.3333%
Gruul Adventures94.5%38.8889%
Rakdos Sacrifice73.5%61.5385%
Mono-White Aggro ❄️42%53.3333%

Sultai Ramp took first place in the Tournament and continues to post solid, consistent results with a positive overall winrate, while Rogues decks struggled with a total record of 36-55 despite taking up 11% of the metagame share. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise though, as Rogues decks are a well-known archetype that most decks come prepared for. Rogues is also known as being a highly skill intensive deck and has generally struggled to post good results in recent tournaments.

Mono Red Snow decks, on the other hand, have done very well this weekend in the satellites as well as the Championship Qualifier. Mono Red isn’t always known as the best choice for best-of-three play since sideboarding allows control and midrange decks to side in more answers, but the indestructible cards from mono white decks like Seasoned Hallowblade and Selfless Savior, coupled with resilient cards like Anax, Hardened in the Forge, have made wraths worse than they have been in Standard in recent memory. Even wraths that exile the board like Shadow's Verdict are sometimes too slow to stop mono red, especially with the option to power up Faceless Haven the following turn and keep the pressure on. Additionally, although mono red didn’t get many new cards from Strixhaven, Hall Monitor has proved itself to be a fairly significant upgrade for the deck, preventing the opponent’s strongest creature from blocking in key moments and ensuring that Embercleave does work even with a strong blocker in play.

There were however a few interesting off-meta choices to achieve 5-0s in the event. Mono green snow aggro went 9-2 finishing 4th overall with notable streamer Maxim Salmin- also known as Rint- at the helm. We also see the return of the Rakdos Sacrifice claiming 3rd overall, cashing in on the prominence of creature-based decks like the mono colored aggro and adventure decks.

Check out the full decklists from the top 12 finishers below:


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