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MTG Arena Announcements, June 30, 2021: AFR Preorders, Mirror, Mirror, and Event Schedule

Today, amidst the hype around Adventures in the Forgotten Realms previews, Wizards of the Coast released their latest announcements for the MTG Arena client. Preorders have begun for Adventures in the Forgotten realms- the full details for all of the preorder bundles are available below.

In addition, Wizards officially announced all of the card changes for the Mirror, Mirror event, where cards that have been banned from Historic are rebalanced to make them more fair- although all of the changes had been datamined from the client previously.

Meanwhile, the Chromatic Cube event is ongoing, so be sure to check out our guide for the event if you haven’t already.

Lastly, Wizards has announced that the next State of the Game article will be published this Friday, July 2, and has published an updated event calendar for everything that’s coming up in MTG: Arena. The full text of Wizard’s announcement can be found below:

MTG Arena Announcements, June 30, 2021

Preorders Available Now for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

Preorders have begun for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, the Magic and Dungeons & Dragons crossover set players have been waiting for! Bundles will be available to purchase in the MTG Arena Store.

Lolth Pack Bundle

  • Spider Queen sleeve (available when purchased)
  • 50x Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Store Packs (available on July 8)
  • Lolth, Spider Queen card, plus depth art card style (available on July 8)
Lolth, Spider Queen card sleeve image

Ellywick Play Bundle

  • Ellywick sleeve (available when purchased)
  • Ebondeath black dragon pet (available when purchased)
  • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Mastery Pass (available on July 8)
  • 3 Player Draft Tokens (available on July 8)
  • 1 Sealed Token (available on July 8)
  • Ellywick Tumblestrum card, plus depth art card style (available on July 8)
Ellywick Tumblestrum card sleeve image
Ebondeath black dragon pet from MTG Arena

Mirror, Mirror Rewrites Historic July 3–6

July 3–6, step through the looking glass into an alternate realitywhere Oko, Thief of Crowns is just another great Historic card or Teferi, Time Raveler is more of a friend than foe to the format . . .

Given that MTG Arena is a digital expression of Magic, we want to experiment with some of the advantages only digital Magic can offer. Mirror, Mirror opens a portal to a Historic event in which twelve banned cards have been rebalanced, allowing you to play with those versions instead.

This event is All Access, meaning all cards are available for you to build your deck—even if they’re not in your collection!

The rebalanced cards will have the MTG Arena “A” logo before their names. Note that this logo is the mythic-rare-colored version on all these cards and is independent of the card’s actual rarity.

In exported decklists, these cards will appear with “A-” at the beginning of the card name. If you want to import a deck that uses these rebalanced cards, be sure to include the “A-” before the card name as well.

You can find these cards by using the advanced search command “set:ANC” in the deckbuilder.

Rebalanced cards cannot be crafted or otherwise added to your collection.

Card NameRebalancingRebalanced Version
Agent of TreacheryEnters-the-battlefield ability triggers only if Agent of Treachery was cast from your hand.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Agent of Treachery
Field of the DeadChanged to legendary. Zombie tokens changed to enter the battlefield tapped.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Field of the Dead
Fires of InventionMana cost changed from 3R to 3RR.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Fires of Invention
Nexus of FateExiles itself instead of shuffling itself into your library.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Nexus of Fate
Omnath, Locus of CreationEnters-the-battlefield ability is now scry 1 instead of draw a card.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Omnath, Locus of Creation
Oko, Thief of CrownsFood-creating ability cost changed from +2 to +1. Elk-making ability cost changed from +1 to -2.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Oko, Thief of Crowns
Once Upon a TimeIf it’s the first spell you’ve cast this game, it costs {1} instead of nothing.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Once Upon a Time
Teferi, Time RavelerMana cost changed from 1WU to 2WU. Starting loyalty changed from 4 to 5.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Teferi, Time Raveler
Uro, Titan of Nature’s WrathThe “put a land from your hand onto the battlefield” effect removed; life gain and card draw effects remain.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
Veil of SummerMana cost changed from G to 1G.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Veil of Summer
Wilderness ReclamationAbility lets you “untap up to two lands you control” instead of all lands you control.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Wilderness Reclamation
Winota, Joiner of ForcesAbility allows you to “look at the top four cards of your library” instead of the top six.MTG Arena rebalanced card of Winota, Joiner of Forces

New State of the Game

The next State of the Game article goes up this Friday! Tune in to get the in-depth scoop on what’s coming up on MTG Arena!

Chromatic Cube Happening Now

The newest cube event in MTG Arena is open and runs through July 8. This cube focuses on being in lots of colors and having lots of mana! Compete in both Best-of-One and traditional Best-of-Three matches.

Find out all the details in David McDarby’s Chromatic Cube article.

Upcoming Events

FNM at Home

  • July 2: Historic Artisan
  • July 9: No specific FNM at Home event; submit a screenshot of your play in any event in MTG Arena to your local game store!

Quick Draft

  • June 11–25: Theros Beyond Death
  • June 25–July 9: Strixhaven
  • July 9–23: Zendikar Rising

Other Events

June Ranked Season

The June 2021 Ranked Season ends on June 30, 12 p.m. PT (19:00 UTC).

July Ranked Season

The July 2021 Ranked Season begins June 30 at 12:05 p.m. PT (1905 UTC) and ends on July 31 at 12 p.m. PT (1900 UTC).

  • Bronze reward: 1 Strixhaven pack
  • Silver reward: 1 Strixhaven pack + 500 Gold
  • Gold reward: 2 Strixhaven packs + 1,000 Gold + Flunk card style
  • Platinum reward: 3 Strixhaven packs + 1,000 Gold + Flunk depth art card style + Academic Probation depth art card style
  • Diamond reward: 4 Strixhaven packs + 1,000 Gold + Flunk depth art card style + Academic Probation depth art card style
  • Mythic reward: 5 Strixhaven packs + 1,000 Gold + Flunk depth art card style + Academic Probation depth art card style

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