Midweek Magic to Replace FNM at Home from July 13

The free to enter FNM at Home events for MTG Arena were designed to give players the incentive to interact and support their local gaming store (LGS) community. As in-store play returns to normal, this week’s FNM at Home: Historic Artisan event will be the final of its series, to be replaced with another one called Midweek Magic that runs from Tuesday to Thursday for 48 hours.

Wizards of the Coast are communicating with the stores of the upcoming changes, with the first event slated for July 13, running from Tuesday 8 AM PST to July 15 Thursday 8 AM PST. The events last for 48 hours, which should provide a bit more action during the week as more events tend to happen on the weekend.

The official Wizards Play Network (WPN) article has the details on the times, but we are yet to find out what the formats and rewards will be for the events. It will likely operate similarly to encourage players to engage with their LGS, by providing proof of participation and obtaining a code for in-game loot.

Going forward, the program will be called Midweek Magic and run from Tuesday to Thursday. There will be no event the week of July 5. Then, starting on July 13, the first Midweek Magic will run from Tuesday 8 a.m. PST to Thursday 8 a.m. PST. Everything else will stay the same!

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