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MTG Arena Announcements: October 19, 2022

This week in MTG Arena, we’re already starting to gear up for The Brothers’ War due on November 15, 2022. Previews start with Magic 30 on October 28 – along with other exciting stuff like Magic World Championships!

In between that, we have some events such as Post Malone Historic Brawl, Alchemy Arena Open, flashback Premier Drafts, the usual Cube drafts before a new set, and more.

As always, check out the full post by Wizards of the Coast below!

Play Like Posty Tomorrow!

Post Malone's Arena Concert no-entry-fee event, October 20–24

Everyone’s invited—there’s no entry fee!—to the Post Malone Arena Concert event that will blow the roof off of MTG Arena starting tomorrow, October 20, and running through October 24! Play with five different preconstructed, musically themed Historic Brawl decks and channel Posty vibes with avatars, sleeves, and stickers!

Post Malone avatar
Posty Mountain sleeve
Karn body surfing sticker

Arena Open: Alchemy This Weekend

Arena Open Alchemy: October 22–23 with [card name=

We’re squeezing in one more Arena Open before October ends! This weekend, October 22–23, bring your Alchemy skills to compete for prizes up to $2,500—and Qualifier Weekend invitations. Everyone who enters also receives a Zur, Eternal Schemer card sleeve!

Zur, Eternal Schemer stained-glass sleeve

Find out more on the October 22–23 Arena Open: Alchemy page.

Planeshifted Draft New Capenna Happening Now

Planeshifted Draft, now until 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC) on October 21

Get an alternate look at Draft in this Streets of New Capenna Planeshifted Draft featuring rebalanced cards. Running now until it ends on October 21 at 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC), draft against other players to build a 40-card deck to determine where the power lies in New Capenna.

Log into MTG Arena to play and earn prizes based on how many games you win!

Event Schedule

Events open at 8 a.m. PT (UTC 15:00) and close to new entries at 8 a.m. PT (UTC 15:00) on the dates shown unless otherwise noted.

Midweek Magic

Midweek Magic events open on Tuesdays at 8 a.m. PT (UTC 15:00*) and close to new entries on Thursdays at 8 a.m. PT (UTC 15:00*).

*Please note the change to Pacific Standard Time on November 6, 2022, when Midweek Magic UTC times will change from 15:00 to 16:00.

  • October 25–27: Standard Shakeup
  • November 1–3: Singleton
  • November 8–10: Phantom Chromatic Cube Bot Draft
  • November 15–18: The Brothers’ War Phantom Sealed

Quick Draft

  • October 14–28: Dominaria United
  • October 28–November 11: Innistrad: Crimson Vow
  • November 11–15: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Additional Premier Drafts

  • October 13–21: Streets of New Capenna Planeshifted Draft
  • October 21–28th: Throne of Eldraine Premier Draft

Other Events

  • October 20–24: Post Malone Arena Concert Event
  • October 28–November 5: Dominaria Sealed
  • November 6, 8 a.m. PT (*16:00 UTC)–November 15, 8 a.m. PT (16:00 UTC): Chromatic Cube
    • Best-of-One and Best-of-Three
    • *Note the change to Pacific Standard Time beginning November 6, 2022.
  • November 18–21: Standard Metagame Challenge

Premier Play Schedule

All times listed are Pacific time (UTC -7, UTC -8 on and after November 6).

Qualifier Play-In Events

Qualifier Play-In events are single-day tournaments in which players compete to earn invitations to that month’s Qualifier Weekend events.


  • Best-of-One Qualifier Play-In
    November 5, 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC)–November 6*, 6 a.m. PT (14:00 UTC)
    *Note the shift on November 6 to Pacific Standard Time
    • Format: Historic
  • Best-of-Three Qualifier Play-In
    November 11, 6 a.m. PT (14:00 UTC)–November 12, 3 a.m. PT (11:00 UTC)
    • Format: Historic

Qualifier Weekend Events

Qualifier Weekend events are two-day events in which eligible players compete for invitations to the Arena Championship 1 held in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Qualifier Weekend Day One and Day Two events open to entries at 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC from November 6) and close to new entries at 8 a.m. PT (UTC 15:00, 16:00 UTC from November 6) each day. You must enter within this two-hour window—late entries cannot be accommodated.


  • Qualifier Weekend
    November 12, 6 a.m. PT–November 13, 4 p.m. PT
    • Format: Historic (Best-of-Three)

Arena Open

Arena Open Day 1 entry window begins at 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC from November 6) and closes to new entries the following day at 3 a.m. PT (10:00 UTC, 11:00 from November 6).

Day 2 entry window is two hours only, from 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC from November 6) until 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC from November 6).

  • Arena Open October 22–23
    • Day 1, October 22: Alchemy Best-of-One and Best-of-Three
      All participants will receive the Zur stained-glass card sleeve.
    • Day 2, October 23: Traditional Alchemy
      Best-of-Three only
  • Arena Open November 5–6
    • Day 1, November 5: Dominaria Sealed Best-of-One and Best-of-Three
      All participants will receive the Urza Assembles the Titans card sleeve
    • *Day 2, November 6: Dominaria Sealed Best-of-Three
      There are two Sealed events for Day 2, with three wins or one loss.

* Please note the time change to Pacific Standard Time beginning November 6, 2022.

October 2022 Ranked Season

The October 2022 Ranked Season begins September 30 at 12:05 p.m. PT (19:05 UTC) and ends on October 31 at 12 p.m. PT (19:00 UTC).

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