MTG Arena Event Schedule – December 2019


Update December 13, 2019: The rest of December’s events have been revealed in the latest 1.03.00 Patch Notes!

This is the final month of the year and decade! Unfortunately there are not too many events we know of ahead of time. We can expect some kind of a holiday season event similar to last year, and we await further details from Wizards of the Coast. For now, you can click on the title of each event for more information for events we know of so far.

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Throne of Eldraine Season 3

November 30 @ 12:05 PT – December 31 @ 12:00 PT

December’s ranked ladder season rewards the Hypnotic Sprite card style for Gold and Wildborn Preserver card style for Platinum! This is also the final chance for the top 1200 Mythic players to qualify for January’s Mythic Point Challenge and Mythic Qualifier. You can climb the ranks with both Standard and Historic in the constructed portion, as well as best-of-one rotating drafts from various Standard sets.

Mythic Championship VII

December 6, 2019 – December 8, 2019

Mythic Championship VII

The final Mythic Championship of the year is held on the Standard format once again via MTG Arena, with 68 players competing for the $750,000 prize pool. Find out what decks will set the Standard metagame going forward until the release of Theros: Beyond Death!

Ten Life Draft

December 6, 2019 @ 8:00 AM PT – December 8, 2019 @ 8:00 AM PT

This is a special weekend event, and the format is best-of-one Throne of Eldraine draft with a slight twist. Players start the game at 10 life, which means changes to existing strategies! Compulsion will be bringing out his insights on this event as well as updates on Throne of Eldraine draft.

The Game Awards After Party

December 12, 2019 @ 5:30 PM – December 16, 2019 @ 8:00 AM


Now that we’ve celebrated at The Game Awards, it’s time to shuffle up and pick sides! Join Ashiok and Elspeth in a fight deep in the Theros underworld. They’re both armed with some of Magic‘s most iconic and powerful cards, as well as preview cards from Theros: Beyond Death . You’ll earn Theros Beyond Death packs that you can open when the set releases on January 16, 2020.


December 12 @ 8:00 AM – January 16 @ 12:00 PM

A month-long Brawl event that allows you to play as many games as you like. Players who join Brawlidays will receive a copy of Rhys the Redeemed after earning their first win in the event, and Rhys will also be craftable using Wildcards for players looking to complete a playset for Historic play.

Historic Artisan

December 20, 2019 @ 8:00 AM –December 30, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

We’re bringing the Artisan format (common and uncommon cards only) to Historic next week. Enter for 2,500 Gold or 500 Gems and play as much as you want. Your first 5 wins will net you 5 unique card styles.

Standard Shakeup

December 30 @ 8:00 AM – January 6 @ 8:00 AM

Catch up on your Mastery XP in this event where a whole heap of cards will be banned in addition to the Standard banlist!

Standard MagicFests

There will be three more MagicFest / Grand Prix tabletop Standard events held in December, which usually has around 1000 people attending the main event. These tournaments are also a good source of decklists and indicator of the metagame.

  • MagicFest Brisbane: December 6 – December 8
  • MagicFest Oklahoma City: December 13 – December 15
  • MagicFest Portland: December 20 – December 22


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7 months ago

Definitely not the last month of the decade – you’ll have to wait another year for that 🙂

7 months ago

I’m pretty sure decades are 0-9 so yes it is the last month of the decade

Brendan Dillon
6 months ago
Reply to  Nick

It’s counterintuitive, but you’re incorrect, the new decade starts on 1/1/2021. It makes more sense when you roll back to the beginning of the ad/ce calendar. There wasn’t a year 0, we start with year 1. The first ten years were years 1-10, that was the first decade. 11-20 was the second decade, and so on. While the period from 2020-2029 will inevitably be referred to as the 20s, from a calendrical perspective the decade is 2021-2030