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MagicFest Oklahoma City 2019 Top 8 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

The penultimate MagicFest of 2019 was held in Oklahoma City this weekend, which attracted 348 competitors to the main Standard event.

Top 8 Decklists

The top 8 consists of 2 Jeskai Fires, 2 Simic Flash, 1 Rakdos Sacrifice, 1 Jund Sacrifice, 1 Rakdos Knights and 1 Gruul Adventures! The winning Jeskai Fires deck featured a more creature heavy build – other than four of each Cavalier of Gales and Cavalier of Flame, it also had three copies of Kenrith, the Returned King, and Adventure spells as interaction – all four copies of Bonecrusher Giant and two of Brazan Borrower.

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Source: @ChannelFireball

Metagame Breakdown

The Standard metagame has become quite diverse a month after the bans, albeit still heavy on green. The strong decks are still well defined, forming somewhat an equilibrium with each other. Some notes:

  • The new Simic Flash hybrid deck is still performing quite well with a 33% conversion rate into day 2 and 2 copies in the top 8.
  • Golgari Adventures showed a poor showing in this tournament, with only a 8% conversion rate into day 2 and no copies in the top 8.
  • Aggro decks are clawing their way back into the meta, with Rakdos Knights and Gruul Aggro being the strongest.
ArchetypeDay 1 PlayersDay 2 Players
Simic Flash4515
Jund Sacrifice4010
Jeskai Fires398
Golgari Adventures383
Simic Ramp347
Azorius Control132
Rakdos Knights114
Izzet Flash94
Gruul Adventures82
Gruul Aggro71
Rakdos Sacrifice72
Five-Color Fires60
Golgari Sacrifice60
Temur Adventures60
Other741 Azorius Flyers
1 Mono Black Aggro
1 Mono Red Aggro

Source: @ChannelFireball

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