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MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #9 Tournament Report: Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

Our weekly Historic Open is a free to enter tournament that we run in collaboration with the HistoricMTG subreddit community to bring you cash prizes and Premium membership! Check out this week’s highlights and coverage in the VOD, metagame and decklists for you to try yourself.



Last week’s tournament was postponed due to an emergency banning of Field of the Dead (read announcement here), and the Historic metagame has been shaken up yet again. Sultai Ramp was the most represented deck in this week’s tournament, supported by the usual suspect cards but the win rate did not support its popularity.

Midrange and control strategies attempt to flourish again without the banned land, and Azorius/Bant Control, Jund Citadel and Rakdos Arcanist are well represented here with the Rakdos deck having the best win rate among them. The more well refined decks, Mono Blue and Goblins, fared especially well in a new metagame.

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Sultai Midrange2014.9254%46.6667%
Mono-R Aggro1410.4478%45%
Jund Sacrifice139.7015%42.8571%
Bant Control96.7164%50%
Azorius Control75.2239%45.4545%
Rakdos Midrange75.2239%59.5238%
Mono-U Tempo64.4776%66.6667%
Azorius Auras64.4776%30%
Rakdos Midrange53.7313%52.1739%
Mono-G Aggro53.7313%55.5556%
Esper Control53.7313%42.8571%
Gruul Aggro53.7313%37.5%
Golgari Midrange42.9851%41.6667%
Mono-R Goblins42.9851%65.2174%
Mono-G Ramp42.9851%47.3684%


Below are the top 23 decklists that went 4-2-1 or better in the tournament. Congratulations to Vomi for taking down the tournament with a flawless 10-0 record! The deck is a pure ramp build that forgoes direct interaction with the opponent and has the top end of 4 Ugin, Spirit Dragon, 1 Ulamog, Ceaseless Hunger and 4 Hydroid Krasis.

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