Mythic Race December 2020 Ranked Season: Day 1 Mythic Decks

The start of the new ranked season for MTG Arena is always the most exciting one, especially as we see the high ranks on our profiles which becomes fiercely contested as the month goes on. If you get there fast enough, it is also a strategy to maintain your ranking with a few wins each day so that you can finish in the top 1200 of the season. For more information regarding this month’s ranked season including schedule, rewards and qualification details, check out this article.

We usually round up the Mythic decks on a weekly basis, but this month we saw more decks being shared on the first day! Mythic race incentives were led by the third-party tracker MTGA Assistant as well as content creator Jason Fleurant. Of course, the shorter your games are the faster you are likely to climb, but having a great knowledge of the deck and win rate also contributes greatly.

Without further ado, below are the list of decks that reached Mythic on the first day of the December 2020 ranked season in order of published date, and below that you will find the exportable lists themselves with a brief explanation on each one. Remember, you can check out all the decks being added on a real-time basis directly on our deck section of the website also.

Mono Green Food by Rumti

[sd_deck deck=”IK25A-Cfu”]

Rumti has been a force of the Mythic ladder for a few months now, with his trademark deck Mono Green Stompy. The shift in the metagame meant that he could transition to a slightly different deck that also happens to be tier 1 – Mono Green Food. Being a slower grindier deck, Rumti got there in 15 hours with a 26-6 (81% win rate) record, with 4 Primal Might being the key inclusion in the main deck to fight against decks like Temur Ramp that will go on top of you.

Historic Mono Red Goblins by Gurmag

[sd_deck deck=”fvp4Z-unH”]

Altheriax was one of the first to climb the Mythic rank with Goblins last season, and even held the #1 spot all the way until the end. Goblins in Historic are mostly streamlined these days, and Gurmag used this to his advantage also. Chandra, Torch of Defiance has been the perfect upgrade for Irencrag Feat in the deck, and still remains an attractive option for ladder play.

BO1 Historic Mono Red Aggro by FieryDeath

[sd_deck deck=”Crq1g3PhD”]

Mono Red Aggro by JasonFleurant

[sd_deck deck=”_QoWB24Ce”]

Here are the two streamlined Mono Red Aggro decks for each format that feature Embercleave as their centerpiece card. They successfully served their purpose for their pilots to punish the slower decks in the metagame, though in the more competitive scene it can struggle against the tier 1 decks in both Standard and Historic.

Historic Neoform Combo by Stupidrock01

[sd_deck deck=”n-FGRbHNH”]

Neoform is the best combo deck in Historic right now, requiring only two cards to go off and enough tools for survival and consistency. This version uses Perilous Voyage as an interactive spell that can also search for your combo pieces at the same time.

Historic Gruul Aggro by MarcoWarcry

[sd_deck deck=”wLka0stp0″]

MarcoWarcry’s Gruul deck features Collected Company as most builds are leaning towards right now, and 2 copies of Garruk's Harbinger in the main to respect the amount of removal spells spells running around. Similar to Mono Red, Gruul can suffer from being able to be outraced despite getting the treasured Burning-Tree Emissary back, and there is a plethora of removal spells out in the meta to slow us down.

Historic Rakdos Sacrifice by uebelst4r

[sd_deck deck=”VLvKo16zy”]

Many of the Cat Oven Sacrifice decks have been adding Green for the Food package or Collected Company. While that is still a strong option, recently the more aggressive Rakdos version is gaining popularity similar to what we’ve seen prior to the Standard rotation to be able to outrace and shut down opposing creature based decks at the same time.

We hope you enjoyed our first Mythic race post, please leave a comment below if you want to see more! We’ll still be back with Mythic decks of the week, as usual (click here for last week’s edition). Remember to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel if you want to share your decks and want to keep up to date on the latest in MTG Arena.

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