New Free Code for Mythic Rares: MythicMagic


Core Set 2020 is set to release very soon on Magic: The Gathering Arena on July 2, and Wizards of the Coast are giving away some freebies to boost your collection for a limited time! The code is MythicMagic – If you opted in to emails on your Wizards account, you would have received it by now.


Get stoked and use the code below to redeem three randomized Mythic Rare cards* from War of the SparkRavnica Allegiance, or Guilds of Ravnica.

Code expires July 2 at 9am PDT. Don’t miss out!

As stated above, by redeeming this code you will be adding three random Mythic Rares from the latest three sets to your collection and it expires on July 2 9 AM PDT, so make sure you redeem it before then. If you receive Gems instead, that means your collection of Mythic Rares are complete from the corresponding set.

This was what we pulled… Share yours down in the comments below!

The preorder bundle is also available to purchase until July 2, if you are inclined to build a deck with the new cards right away. See the in-game Store section for more details.

Preorder bundle available in-game until July 1.

If you did not know already, we have our own MTG Arena Codes section for other free promo codes, and instructions on how to redeem them. It will be kept up to date with any new codes being released as well.


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