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Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals

Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals Standard and Historic Decklists and Metagame

Tournament Details

The 16 players who came out victorious from the Red Bull Untapped Qualifiers across the globe that happened throughout the year are coming back to compete in the conclusion of the tournament series for a combined prize pool of $75,000! Below we have the run down of the event and you can visit the official Red Bull Untapped 2020 page for more information.


Prize Pool

The top four players of the tournament are also invited to the Zendikar Rising Championship later in the year.


This one-day tournament to conclude the season will take place on November 1st and starts at 12 PM CEST, live streamed on the Red Bull Twitch channel. Each player will bring both a Standard and Historic deck, competing across three stages in the following format.

Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals Metagame

Standard Deck# of Decks% of FieldHistoric Deck# of Decks% of Field
Gruul Adventures {R}{G}6Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}5
Dimir Rogues {U}{B}3Gruul Aggro {R}{G}3
Azorius Blink {W}{U}2Jund Sacrifice {B}{R}{G}3
Esper Yorion Doom {W}{U}{B}1Sultai Midrange {U}{B}{G}2
Four-Control Yorion Control {W}{U}{B}{R}1Azorius Auras {W}{U}1
Selesnya Adventures {W}{G}1Azorius Control {W}{U}1
Orzhov Yorion Doom {W}{B}1Colorless Ramp {C}1
Abzan Blink {W}{B}{G}1

Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals Decklists

The decklists have been revealed by the Twitter account prior to the tournament starting.

PlacePlayer NameStandard DeckHistoric Deck
4Enrico GobettiEsper Yorion Doom {W}{U}{B}Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}
11Stefan GuntherFour-Color Yorion Control Gruul Aggro
10Marc FaceriasGruul Adventures {R}{G}Jund Sacrifice {B}{R}{G}
13Andrea GambacortaOrzhov Yorion Doom {W}{B}Gruul Aggro {R}{G}
14Alexey SukhikhSelesnya Adventures {W}{G}Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}
9Yoshihiko IkawaDimir Rogues {U}{B}Sultai Midrange {U}{B}{G}
8Hoshi YukiGruul Adventures {R}{G}Gruul Aggro {R}{G}
3Luke HancockGruul Adventures {R}{G}Jund Sacrifice {B}{R}{G}
1Kazune KosakaGruul Adventures {R}{G}Sultai Midrange {U}{B}{G}
16Anthony ArevaloAzorius Blink {W}{U}Colorless Ramp {C}
5Michael BondeDimir Rogues {U}{B}Azorius Auras {W}{U}
2Koutarou IshibashiAbzan Blink {W}{B}{G}Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}
6Ronald MullerDimir Rogues {U}{B}Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}
15Noham MaubertGruul Adventures {R}{G}Jund Sacrifice {B}{R}{G}
12Andre SantosAzorius Blink {W}{U}Four-Color Midrange {W}{U}{B}{G}
7Jan-Moritz MerkelGruul Adventures {R}{G}Azorius Control {W}{U}

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