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Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier Japan Standard Decklists and Metagame

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383 players are participating in the Japanese event of the Red Bull Untapped series – a string of tournaments leading into the Red Bull Untapped Finals later this year. After 8 rounds of Swiss play on Saturday, top 64 competitors have advanced to the single-elimination playoff stage that will be played on Sunday. In this article, we have collected all of the 64 best-performed decks from the Day 1, as well as provided the info about the metagame field of the tournament.


Once again, a competitive standard metagame is dominated by a single archetype – as was the case throughout the entirety of the year. After the Agent of Treachery ban, there was Temur Reclamation. After the Reclamation ban, there came Sultai Control’s reign. And now, after the rotation, we again see a top meta deck pushing towards the 40 percent play rate – this time it is Omnath Ramp that completely shapes the Standard format around itself.

156 players have registered Omnath builds – but to be honest, this creature’s share of the metagame is even bigger than that. Most Temur Adventures builds do also run Omnath, Locus of Creation, while a few other archetypes in the table below have misleading titles as well – like Four-color Midrange of Four-color Yorion – for some reason disguising that they exploit the same Omnath Ramp concept. The overwhelming potential of mana generation with Lotus Cobra, topped off with the pure quality threats and payoffs have made the Omnath deck into one of the strongest Standard decks we have ever seen – and that is only after a week into a new format. Wizards of the Coast have already teased an emergency ban announcement on Monday – with Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath, and the Omnath, Locus of Creation itself being the most in danger.

Other archetypes try to do their best and counter Omnath Ramp’s weaknesses – but there aren’t many too exploit. Mono-Red Aggro and Mono-Green Stompy attempt to go under Omnath, but all the incidental lifegain in that deck makes this gameplan very fragile. Sultai Control is probably the most effective way to disrupt the Four-Color ramp build currently – this is what solely explains the popularity of the deck in the meta. Omnath players rely on resolving big spells and big threats – so counterspells with hand disruption can make their life that much harder. However, though that plan usually works like a charm in game 1, in sideboarded games Omnath can fight back with Mystical Disputes of its own pretty effectively.

ArchetypeNumber of decks% of fieldWinrate
Four-color Omnath15640.7311%52.452%
Sultai Control5213.577%50.7519%
Temur Adventures246.2663%48.4375%
Mono-G Aggro205.2219%49.1228%
Mono-Red Aggro194.9608%50.9804%
Dimir Control164.1775%46.1538%
Dimir Rogues133.3943%55.1724%
Gruul Aggro82.0888%43.9024%
Gruul Adventures71.8277%57.1429%
Four-color Yorion51.3055%40.7407%
Mono-B Aggro41.0444%34.6154%
Four-color Midrange41.0444%56%
Temur Midrange41.0444%60%
Mono-U Combo30.7833%50%
Azorius Control30.7833%25%

Top 64 Decklists

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