Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier France Decklists and Metagame

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149 players have enrolled for the French tournament of the ongoing Red Bull Untapped series. The whole competition took place over a single day of play and consisted of 8 Swiss rounds with a cut to the Top 8. In this article, you can find the 32 decklists with the best record, as well as the breakdown of the tournament’s meta. (Source: MTGMelee)


Lucky Clover deck that splashes for Omnath was the very best archetype of the day in terms of general win rate. Compared to the regular Omnath Ramp variant, it may lack the certain power of Lotus Cobra-fueled explosive draws, but it also boasts the flexibility and developed toolkit to fight counterspell-heavy opponents.

Speaking of which, Dimir Rogues was the most popular choice among French players – though the archetype failed to impress at 40% win rate. Not a single Dimir Rogues deck has made it into a Top 8 either. Dimir Control that relies on Ashiok and Shark Typhoon has also failed to reach the 50% performance mark.

Rogues may be the main disappointment, but the title of the best breakout deck certainly belongs to the innovative Rakdos Midrange archetype. It uses Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and Magmatic Channeler to push aggression and accumulate card advantage. The winner of the tournament Nouham Maubert spiced up this concept with Terror of the Peaks and Rankle, Master of Pranks for the finishing power. In the finals, he defeated another off-beat brew – Mono-White Aggro list featuring Luminarch Aspirant, piloted by Diego “Santosvella” Martinez-Guzman.

Overall, the French qualifier was a pleasing spectacle in terms of deck diversity and non-conformity of players. Many of the registered competitors chose to explore ways to counter Omnath, instead of exploiting its undeniable power. Omnath may not have taken down the title, but still once again showed up with very strong numbers. It’s premature to say if the France qualifier has really opened up the meta, but two copies of Rakdos Midrange in the Top 8 do feel like a breath of the fresh air!

ArchetypeNo. of Decks% of the FieldWin rate
Dimir Rogues2416.1074%40.5405%
Four-color Omnath2114.094%31.5789%
Four-color Adventures1912.7517%58.1633%
Mono-Green Aggro138.7248%56.0606%
Grixis Control138.7248%56.9231%
Gruul Adventures85.3691%47.619%
Mono-Red Aggro74.698%55.102%
Sultai Control64.0268%40.7407%
Dimir Control53.3557%47.3684%
Rakdos Midrange42.6846%62.5%
Rakdos Mill42.6846%55%
Esper Doom32.0134%52.381%


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