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Red Bull Untapped

Red Bull Untapped Week of Wings Entry Event Tuesday Flight Decklists and Metagame

The Red Bull Untapped tournament series is almost coming to a close, as now 15 of the 16 players that will participate in the grand finals have been decided via competitive qualifier events throughout the past several months. The final spot will be decided through the Week of Wings, consisting of 15 free-to-enter daily events, held from Monday to Friday, on both Standard and Historic formats. If you are interesting in participating, visit the official page for more information here.

Players who earn four wins in these entry event flights will proceed to the next stage of the qualifier on the weekend for their share of the $35,000 total prize pool. In this series of articles over the next five days, we will cover the metagame data and standout decklists from each of the flights.

Week of Wings


Flight 1

Archetype# of Decks% of Field% Win Rate
Dimir Rogues2311.165%50%
Gruul Adventures2110.1942%54.6667%
Golgari Adventures209.7087%57.1429%
Mono-Green Aggro125.8252%47.2727%
Temur Ramp125.8252%49.0196%
Dimir Mill115.3398%45.9459%
Rakdos Midrange104.8544%38.0952%
Selesnya Yorion83.8835%38.4615%
Azorius Yorion83.8835%42.8571%
Dimir Control83.8835%45%

Flight 2

Archetype# of Decks% of Field% Win Rae
Dimir Rogues138.9655%39.2157%
Golgari Adventures138.9655%41.5094%
Dimir Control128.2759%33.3333%
Gruul Adventures117.5862%62.2642%
Dimir Mill106.8966%47.8261%
Mono-Red Aggro106.8966%64.1026%
Temur Ramp96.2069%54.7619%
Selesnya Yorion85.5172%62.5%
Azorius Yorion74.8276%60%
Jeskai Control53.4483%57.6923%

Flight 3

Archetype# of Decks% of Field% Win Rate
Dimir Rogues3413.1274%53.3835%
Gruul Adventures249.2664%53.125%
Golgari Adventures186.9498%48.7179%
Dimir Control176.5637%52.5641%
Temur Ramp155.7915%56.3636%
Esper Doom124.6332%54.2373%
Mono-Red Aggro114.2471%50.9091%
Dimir Mill114.2471%44.4444%
Rakdos Midrange114.2471%61.5385%
Mono-Green Aggro103.861%58.5366%


Below are the decks that represent each unique archetype that got 4 wins or better to proceed to the next stage of the tournament. For the full metagame and decklists, please visit the MTG Melee pages below:

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