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SCG Tour Online Season Two Championship Qualifier #5 Decklists and Metagame

122 players have been invited to participate in the fifth week of SCG Tour Online Season Two Championship Qualifiers. Players who participated in the daily challenge events throughout the week were eligible to participate based on the number of points, and as such the many of the top players were in the event. Read on to find out the VOD, metagame analysis and the top 16 decks of the event!



Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Sultai Midrange3226.2295%46.2121%
Mono-Red Goblins2419.6721%56.8807%
Jund Sacrifice119.0164%66.6667%
Mono-Red Aggro108.1967%38.0952%
Mono-Black Gift54.0984%42.3077%
Rakdos Midrange54.0984%61.2903%
Mono-G Ramp54.0984%48.2759%
Bant Control43.2787%56.5217%
Mono-Green Aggro32.459%42.8571%
Mono-U Tempo32.459%43.75%
Gruul Aggro32.459%43.75%
Simic Ramp32.459%58.8235%
Esper Control21.6393%50%
Kethis Combo21.6393%25%


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