Secret Lair x Street Fighter Sleeves on MTG Arena

Way back in October, Wizards of the Coast made waves in the community by announcing a number of a steady stream of crossover products would be coming to MTG in 2022. Throughout the course of the year, we’ll be seeing MTG Commander decks and Secret Lair drops themed around Warhammer 40k, the popular battle royale game Fortnite, and even a full booster set based on the world of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

The first of the Universes Beyond products to go on sale in the new year was Secret Lair x Street Fighter, a drop featuring characters from the venerable fighting game franchise. For paper collectors, Secret Lair x Street Fighter is available for preorder now from the official SLD site.

Here comes a new challenger! The legendary World Warriors of Street Fighter are ready to battle in Magic: The Gathering. Up the competition with cards for each of the eight playable characters featured in the original release of Street Fighter II. With these fighters in your deck or collection, Shadaloo doesn’t stand a chance.

Despite being a paper product, the Secret Lair crossover has a little something to offer MTG Arena players as well: the drop comes with an Arena code that will unlock eight card sleeves featuring all of the crossover artwork. Check it out:

Want to rock these Street Fighter sleeves on Arena but don’t feel like shelling out for the full bundle with paper cards? While anybody who purchases the Secret Lair drop from Wizards will automatically receive a code for the Arena sleeves, it’s also possible to acquire the code by itself.

The Secret Lair x Street Fighter code, and other cosmetic codes for MTG: Arena, can be purchased separately on the secondary market. The uniquely Arena-focused online retailer Gray Viking Games has a listing for the Street Fighter sleeves, along with countless other Arena codes that are worth a browse.

Secret Lair drops typically include these redeemable Arena codes – as do many other paper MTG products. With that in mind, players interested in expanding their cosmetic collection without purchasing a ton of physical cards may want to keep this option in mind!

Sometimes, sleeves from Secret Lair are obtainable via Daily Deals. We’ll keep an eye out for it, and record it here if they become available for in-game currency instead.

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