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Streets of New Capenna Release Date: Arena Release will be a Week After Paper Prerelease

During the regular Weekly MTG livestream that Wizards of the Coast often uses to make announcements about the game, show host and Wizards communication manager Blake Rasmussen revealed a slew of important dates regarding the next set, Streets of New Capenna (SNC) and other events. However, there’s going to be a twist to the regular release schedule that we’ve gotten used to for new MTG sets.

Typically, new premier sets are fully released on Magic’s digital platforms, MTG Arena and Magic: Online, about a week in advance of the paper prerelease – which is, in turn, a week before the set is fully released for purchase in paper. However, Rasmussen said during the stream that Wizards is “exploring some different release cadences” for MTG sets and as a result, the paper prerelease events, which will be taking place on April 22, will be the first opportunity that anybody gets to play with the new cards in an official capacity.

The digital release will take place a week later on April 28, and the full set drops the following day on April 29. You can watch the full show from Blake Rasmussen and Wizards over on their Twitch channel or on YouTube below, but we’ll provide a summary of the important information below. You can also check out the brief blog post over at Magic’s official website regarding SNC’s release schedule.

In addition to the product release dates, the Weekly MTG stream also had a couple of other important pieces of information for players on MTG Arena, including a teaser about Alchemy: Kamigawa, Organized Play, and a future Arena-economy-focused stream – let’s break it down.

SNC Set Release and Important Dates

The highlight of today’s stream was without a doubt the reveal of the Streets of New Capenna release schedule, which also includes some other dates about surrounding products such as Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate and the July Store Championship. Check it out:

April 7Streets of New Capenna – Previews Start
April 22Streets of New Capenna – Prerelease
April 28Streets of New Capenna – Digital Release
April 29Streets of New Capenna – Global Release
April 29-May 1Commander Launch Party
May 7-15Streets of New Capenna Game Day
May 20Streets of New Capenna Championship
June 10Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate – Global Release
July 9-17Store Championship

There were no spoilers or any other specific information revealed today regarding Streets of New Capenna, but Rasmussen did say that next week’s “substantially longer” Weekly MTG will be focused on the upcoming set, and confirmed that they will show off some card previews then.

Other Arena News

On the Economy: On a previous Weekly MTG stream, Blake Rasmussen promised that he would eventually answer questions from chat about the economy of MTG Arena on a special stream completely dedicated to the subject. Twitch chat has consistently been asking him about it since then, and while he wasn’t willing to provide specific details yet, Rasmussen did claim that they’re working on an economy stream and that it’s “something they’ve been discussing internally.”

On Alchemy: Regarding Alchemy and the upcoming companion set to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Alchemy: Kamigawa, Rasmussen did not provide anything specific other than reviewing the balancing changes that were announced yesterday. He did, however, confirm that Alchemy: Kamigawa will be previewed and then released sometime next month.

Concerning Organized Play: Rasmussen also revealed that “we have a date” for an announcement concerning the future of organized play in Magic the Gathering, although again, Wizards isn’t yet ready to reveal when that date is. He insisted that they do have a plan in place regarding organized play, and that more details would be forthcoming.

Secret Lair Astrology: Pisces

As a final point of interest, the Weekly MTG stream was also used to give a first look at the next in the Astrology Lands Secret Lair Drop: Pisces.

That’s all of the major info that we have for today, but stay tuned – we’ll have a ton more details about the mobster-themed New Capenna set next week, and it seems there are a number of other major announcements in the pipe!

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