Star City Games Indianapolis Standard Classic Decklists


This week’s Star City Games Standard Classic tournament was dominated by the Golos decks, with the Sultai version creeping into the metagame that tries to beat the mirror matches by destroying the opposing Field of the Dead with cards like Assassin’s Trophy and Casualties of War. This proved to be fruitless however, as the first place went to… That’s right, Bant Golos piloted expertly by Kevin Jones.


Player NameDecklistRanking
Kevin JonesBant Golos1st
McCary SeanGruul Aggro2nd
Derrick DavisGolos Fires3rd
Chris AndersonBant Golos4th
Corey LerchSultai Golos5th
Noah StraslerSultai Golos6th
Matt CulbertGolgari Adventures7th
Chris SwaffordJeskai Fires8th
Devin HutchersonBant Golos9th
Matthew WattsGolgari Adventures10th
Mark RogersJund Adventures11th
Aaron HigginsTemur Superfriends12th
Brad YoungTemur Superfriends13th
Andrew ValdezMono Red Aggro14th
Tyler MoranSimic Flash15th
Sean KippleGolgari Adventures 16th

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Source: 10/13 SCG Classic Indianapolis, US



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