Streamer Discovers Alternate “Kid Art” Versions of 3 Cards on Arena

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast released a patch for MTG Arena that included changes to the Historic banned list and added the new Jump In! event. It now seems that with the update, new alternate art versions of three cards have appeared on Arena without explanation.

Update 10/20:

Wizards of the Coast has now officially announced Scret Lair: Extra Life 2021, which consists of all six of the card styles featured in this article. More details can be found on the official announcement page.

Amy the Amazonian is a well-known MTG Arena streamer on Twitch, and she is even sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. While playing Historic Brawl on stream this afternoon, she activated a Pool of Vigorous Growth and it created a Craterhoof Behemoth token featuring never-before seen art – you can click the following link to watch the moment captured live.

Upon further investigation, Amy discovered that in addition to the alternate art that appeared from the Pool of Vigorous Growth, there was also a second new card variation featuring the “original” drawing which was apparently done by a young child.

In total, Amy and her viewers were able to find three cards that were each given the two new styles: Craterhoof Behemoth, Metalwork Colossus, and Mulldrifter. As of the writing of this article, you can still view the unannounced card styles in Arena, although they are not available for purchase. Check out all of the new art below.

Nobody knows for sure where these card styles came from, or if they were added into the client intentionally or by mistake. Many, including Amy, are speculating that the new card styles are intended to go with a yet-to-be-announced Secret Lair drop. It’s also possible that Wizards could be planning some kind of upcoming charity event that includes the children’s art.

We’ll have to wait and see if Wizards has anything to say about what these new art styles are actually for and why they were added to the client, but it’s interesting to see something like this added in to MTGA secretly and discovered entirely on accident.


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