Temur Adventures Deck Guide – Throne of Eldraine Standard

Temur Adventures is an exciting deck that is part ramp, part combo, part control, and all fun.


Temur Adventures Deck Guide by CovertGoBlue

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Card Choices

The spiciest wincon in the deck by far is the combo of Expansion, Fling, and Beanstalk Giant.  This combo requires eleven lands on the battlefield, a Beanstalk Giant in adventure exile, and likely a Lucky Clover to double Granted to find both Fling and Expansion from the sideboard.  This becomes a one-shot kill for 22 damage at least.

In most games, chains of Hydroid Krasis will be good enough to win.  Let’s go over the cards and their roles in the deck.

28 lands

I run 28 lands for four reasons:

  1. We want to hit lands with Growth Spiral and Escape to the Wilds.
  2. We want plenty of basic lands for Beanstalk Giant to search for.
  3. We want scry lands to smooth our draws and find our key cards.
  4. If we miss a land drop within the first four turns we will die.

I don’t recommend trimming lands, this deck is extremely mana hungry.

Lucky Clover

This is the key card in the deck, and the first spell you want to resolve each game if possible.

Beanstalk Giant

Lucky Clover into a doubled Followed Footsteps is the ideal opening for the deck.  It allows for a turn three doulbe Petty Theft, Stomp, or single Growth Spiral.  It also allows for turn four Escape to the Wilds and more.  The Beanstalk Giant itself makes up part of our OTK combo.

Brazen Borrower

Petty Theft doubled with Lucky Clover sets back big threats and wrecks Fires of Invention.

Bonecrusher Giant

Stomp cleans up small creatures and planeswalkers when doubled with Lucky Clover.

Fae of Wishes

Granted is the real star of the deck when doubled with Lucky Clover.  This lets us get two cards hand-picked from our sideboard.  Double-tutor is a ton of fun.

Growth Spiral

This card is great for hands with Lucky Clover but without Beanstalk Giant.  You can play a turn two Spiral and a turn three Clover + Stomp or Petty Theft to take control of the game.

Escape to the Wilds

Real talk; this card isn’t great against aggressive decks and it gets countered against slow decks.  You don’t need it to play the deck, and I wouldn’t craft it.  It is absurdly fun when you get to use it, but in reality you could substitute Aboreal Grazer and you may be better off.

Hydroid Krasis

The engine that keeps the deck going when all those lands aren’t doing much, Hydroid Krasis is a reliable wincon that stabilizes the board with life gain and gets you ahead on cards all at once.  Make those lands do something for you!

The Sideboard

The Granted wish package is customizable. I love having the Fling/Expansion combo, but you could just as easily run Nissa, Who Shakes the World with Explosion.  If you hate Witch’s Oven, you can run Karn, The Great Creator, Sorcerous Spyglass, and Grafdigger’s Cage.  I like Finale of Revolution better than Jace, Wielder of Mysteries but I am sure some people love the self-mill victory.  Whatever you do, keep Aether Gust.  It has to be my most-wished-for card in this meta.  Chandra, Awakened Inferno and Planewide Celebration have also been fetched a lot.

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  1. Shaun Rogers says:

    Hey dude I’ve been following you on YouTube for awhile since I started playing Arena and I have a Temur Adventure list very different from this you might like to try. It’s been successful at my local live events and I personally think is an improvement on this