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The Draft Lab Podcast Episode 21: A Different Perspective

Welcome back to Episode 21 of the Draft Lab Podcast where special guest TaJoordan comes on to share his different perspectives on Crimson Vow. Usually at this point in a format, it turns into an echo chamber of everyone just agreeing with everyone else while TaJoordan is famous for continuing to explore looking for hidden gems.

We start off with our weekly update of the format before going over a pack one pick one.

We then discuss general strategy throughout the episode along with answering questions like: 

  • What leads you to try to find offbeat ways to win?
  • Why has Bloody Betrayal started finding its way into more decks?
  • Do you have a pet card from VOW?
  • What do you think the underappreciated cards are in VOW?
  • Do you ever set out to prove the data wrong?
  • Is there an archetype that people are missing out on?
  • How do you feel about splashing in VOW?
  • What tiers would you put the archetypes in?
  • Do you lean heavily towards a color in P1P1?

Plus a lot more great discussion on Crimson Vow limited including the Arena Open!

Thanks for listening and per usual let me know if you have any questions or would like to make submissions for Cool Play of the Week.

You can find me at:

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