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The Draft Lab Podcast Episode 25: Discussing the Roles of Engagement

Welcome back to episode 25 of the Draft Lab Podcast. This week we are going to be discussing my recent article Roles of Engagement available at:

We are going over the various roles you can be in, how to identify that you are in that role, and how to play accordingly to that.

The first role is the control role where you are trying to minimize the damage taken until you can take over the game with card advantage and finishers.

The second role is the why not attacker where you are close to the control role, but poke in for damage when the opportunity presents itself.

The third role is the speculative attacker where you start attacking when you think you have turned the corner.

The fourth role is at parity where you both have similar clocks and are trying to end the game before the other one does.

The fifth role is the pusher where you are pushing damage, but still trying to hold up some defense.

The sixth role is the beatdown where you are attacking trying to end the game as soon as possible before your opponent takes over.

The last role is the nothing to lose where you are dead on board so you might as well push all in to see if they make a mistake.

We finish it up with our Cool Play of the Week and Chris’s Bad Beat.

Thanks for listening and per usual let me know if you have any questions or would like to make submissions for Cool Play of the Week.

You can find me at:

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Josh is a member of the elite limited team The Draft Lab as well as the host of The Draft Lab Podcast. He was qualifying for Pro Tours, Nationals, and Worlds literally before some of you were born. After a Magic hiatus to play poker and go to medical school, he has been dominating Arena with over an 80% win percentage in Bo3 as well as making #1 rank in Mythic.

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