The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19 #2 Top 8 Standard Decklists

The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19

The Mythic Society’s second MTG vs COVID-19 tournament series wrapped up today. Rivals League member Matt Sperling takes down the tournament once again with a perfect record thanks to the Rakdos Sacrifice deck featuring Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger! Once again, we have the top 8 decklists for you below, but you can also check out all 59 decklists here if you are interested. The metagame for the tournament was:

The third tournament is being held tomorrow, and this time the format is Historic! We posted our first version of the Metagame Tier List yesterday, so we can’t wait to get some first hand results especially since more higher profile players have been participating in this tournament. You can secure your spot in the tournament at MTG Melee if you are interested – it’s free to enter for people who are subscribed to The Mythic Society’s Twitch channel.

If you also missed the news earlier, more MTG Arena tournaments are being held during this time. Starting next week Monday, the first season of MagicFest Online is starting. Read the announcement article here for more details.

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