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Throne of Eldraine – New Set Reveal at SDCC


This morning’s Hasbro Media Breakfast event at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) unveiled the name of the upcoming Fall 2019 Magic: The Gathering expansion set – which we knew only as its codename Archery, to be Throne of Eldraine.

Mark Rosewater hosted the Magic: The Gathering SDCC panel this Saturday at 6pm PDT:

This is the big one. If there’s one thing you can’t miss at SDCC, it’s Mark’s panel. This will be the official unveiling of Magic’s fall set, codenamed “Archery.” Yep. That one. If you’re not able to join us at the panel, follow along with what’s being shown on Twitter (@wizards_magic) and stay tuned to DailyMTG after the panel is over for an article detailing all the info Mark shares during the panel.

Now that the dust has settled, read on to find out all the information leaked at the panel! You can also click here to read the article “Project Booster Fun” by Mark Rosewater, which details some changes and products that will be released with the Throne of Eldraine set.


Brawl is coming to MTG Arena! It is a popular format which is an officially sanctioned format of MTG Online as well. You can read more about the format here – in essence, it is a mix of Standard, Singleton, and Commander. Details about this format is yet to be confirmed and we will keep you updated as we get more information.

New Mechanic

The images below tease the new Goldilocks card. The version on the left is the normal card, whereas the one on the right is a “showcase” frame.

Planeswalker Deck

There will be two Planeswalker decks in paper Magic that you can redeem in MTG Arena, as with the previous sets. The one below is for Rowan Kenrith.


A range of art work used for Throne of Eldraine has been released. Wizards have said that this is Magic’s take on “Camelot meets Grimms’ Fairy Tales”. Can you spot the references to a fairy tale in each art work?