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Throne of Eldraine Preview Schedule

Throne of Eldraine Set Guide | Throne of Eldraine Set Spoilers

Throne of Eldraine preview season has officially started with a bang! We’ve had a countdown of numerous card spoilers before the special announcement stream on September 4, then the MTG Arena update which revealed the contents of the four Brawl decks.

Wizards have also released the upcoming preview schedule for all the websites, players, streamers and other media outlets assigned to their own Throne of Eldraine spoiler card(s), beginning with Jeuxvideo today continuing to September 19 then on the next day we should see the whole set revealed.

Remember, you can check out our Throne of Eldraine card page and check out the cards as they are spoiled!

September 6

September 9

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

September 14

September 15

September 16

September 17

September 18

September 19

Source: Where to Find Throne of Eldraine Previews

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