Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – October 2021 Season – Week 1

Insectile Aberration Art by Matt Stewart
Insectile Aberration Art by Matt Stewart

This weekend, much of the buzz in the MTG community is rightly focused on the World Championship XXVII – but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the Mythic ranked decks that are sent to us on Twitter and other platforms every day. Each weekend, we review the decks from the past week and present the highest ranking lists to you in one convenient place.

Everyone’s rank has just been reset as this was the first week of the October season, but it only takes a day or two at most for players to start getting back into Mythic and competing for the coveted #1 spot. Today, we’ll be looking at Standard decks that held both the #1 and #2 positions in Mythic for a time, so let’s jump right into it.

Looking for more competitive decklists? You’ll find links to last weekend’s tournament coverage below, and be sure to check out our continuing coverage of the World Championship this weekend.

MTG Arena Standard Mythic Decks of the Week

Izzet Deliver by Zan Syed – #1 Mythic

Delver of Secrets is known as one of the most powerful early threats in Magic’s older formats, but in Standard, the card has struggled to gain traction. This season, Zan Syed managed to take this Delver build straight to the #1 slot early on. This list looks fairly similar to the Izzet Dragons deck that we’ve all become accustomed to – we’ve got Goldspan Dragon, Alrund’s Epiphany and friends – but it’s been built to accommodate the Delver/Smoldering Egg plan.

In particular, the spell count has been massively inflated by including a huge number of DFC lands with spells on the front side. Twelve total DFC spell lands allow the deck to get away with running only fourteen traditional lands and sixteen total creatures in a spells-based deck. Delver of Secrets still has plenty of skeptics regarding its performance in Standard, but Zan Syed and other players are continuing to try and make the card viable. It’s hard to argue with this result!

Boros Aggro by LosMagioos – #2 Mythic

The deck that LosMagioos was able to take up the ladder all the way to #2 Mythic is a Boros aggro list that has a lot of cards in common with the more popular Mono White Aggro deck. However, the inclusion of red, which is hardly more than a splash, allows LosMagioos to run a couple of old and new cards alike that give the deck a bit of a boost in power.

Reckless Stormseeker is a staple of the Gruul Werewolves archetype that has been running around in the format since Midnight Hunt was released. Its ability to grant a creature haste and a small buff has proven to be explosive, and the red splash allows LosMagioos’ deck to run the card in a white shell that typically has no access to haste. In a similar vein, Goldspan Dragon adds a bit more haste to the deck along with the mana acceleration the card has become infamous for.

Meanwhile, 4 Showdown of the Skalds and 1 Moonveil Regent provide the deck with some serious card advantage to help it grind a bit better against the midrange and control decks of the format. The +1/+1 counters from Showdown also work alongside Luminarch Aspirant to help the weenies scale up against Mono Green’s big beefy creatures.

Izzet Quidditch by TroppoFortePerVincere – #27 Mythic

Strixhaven Stadium is a card that’s been understandably thought of as nothing but a meme by many players since it was printed. We’ve seen a few decks crop up here and there trying to make the card work, including some Codie, Vociferous Codex decks that tried it out, but it hasn’t ever really stuck.

Towards the beginning of the season, player TroppoFortePerVincere presented a new version of the deck that’s essentially a variation of the Izzet Turns archetype. TroppoFortePerVincere claims that they were took the deck on a 12-0 streak to reach #27 Mythic is just one day, which is undoubtedly impressive. It can probably be argued that the deck doesn’t really need Strixhaven Stadium to function, but the deck’s creator insists that “IZZET QUIDDITCH IS REAL.”

Is Strixhaven Stadium the next meta breaker? No, probably not. But it is a lot of fun.

Azorius Magecraft by trail – #30 Mythic

Up next is another Delver of Secrets list, although this build is completely different from the last. Magecraft decks featuring the package of Clever Lumimancer and Leonin Lightscribe in an aggro or tempo shell have been popular from time to time in the meta since the two cards were first printed in Strixhaven, although the most popular version of the deck is Selesnya.

This deck, posted by user trailmtg who took it all the way up to #30 Mythic, is an Azorius tempo-focused deck that runs a high number of protection spells like Sejiri Shelter and You See a Guard Approach to help protect the deck’s key creatures while also being able to trigger the Magecraft ability and pump the team. Fading Hope is another powerful tool that can either be used to slow the opponent down or to protect a creature from their removal spells. All of this protection gives the deck an almost bogles-like feeling that’s unique in today’s Standard.

Bo1 Mono White Aggro by David Salazar – #33 Mythic

Our final Standard deck for the day comes from David Salazar, who took this deck to #33 Mythic. Frankly, there isn’t much to say about this archetype that hasn’t already been said. Mono White continues to be a strong choice, especially for the best-of-one ladder. If you want a more detailed breakdown, head over to our recent guide to the deck.

See below for the full list of Standard Mythic decks from the week:

MTG Arena Historic Mythic Decks of the Week

There wasn’t much new happening in the Historic Format over the last week, so we aren’t going to go into too much detail on it this time around. Many of the top ranked decks that came to us from Historic last week are Collected Company decks of various sorts. The highest rank we saw, #15, was achieved by Daniel Lancion with Jeskai Control, offering some proof that the archetype is still among the best in the format.

Check out below for the full list of the week’s Historic Mythic decks:

This column is our weekly roundup of Standard and Historic decks players are using to climb the ranked ladder on MTG Arena! Our goal is to curate and post a variety of deck archetypes and interesting card choices at the end of each week to help you keep up to date with the latest trends in the metagame. If you have any decks you want featured, please tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.


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