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Top Mythic Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Standard Decks – April 2020 Season – Week 3

With a few days of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths under our belt, players are trying out new cards to improve existing deck or create completely new ones. We took a look at what people have been brewing with in the Early Access Streamer Event and on the first day of release, and we are now starting to see what the cream of the crop are. Before the metagame is dominated by the more “typical” decks once again (we expect things like Jeskai Fires and Temur Reclamation are here to stay), let’s take a look at some standout decks that feature the new cards. You can also click here to skip to the decklists!

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Lurrus Sacrifice Decks

Crokeyz reached Mythic #1 with his version of Rakdos Sacrifice that features Lurrus of the Dream-Den (click here for the deck guide), which allows us to recur creatures over and over. Mono Black and Orzhov has been a popular variation, as losing Mayhem Devil means there’s less incentive for us to go into Red. Cruel Celebrant and Serrated Scorpion are great replacements. What we do know is that in addition to these, Whisper Squad, Call of the Death-Dweller and Fiend Artisan are all great new tools for the deck archetype that was already strong going into Ikoria.

Gyruda Decks


Gyruda has seen a huge popularity in multiple formats, including Standard. It turns out that having just even mana cost cards is not a huge restriction when you can ramp it into play and exploit the enter the battlefield ability like how Azorius Blink decks have been doing. There are many ways you can build this deck – from the Bant, Simic and the four-color builds. The deck, while very fun to play, does lack in the interaction or removal spell department so once players start to bring in disruption these kind of decks have a harder time and fade away pretty quickly. Make sure to pack in some Extinction Event!

Winota Decks


Winota, Joiner of Forces is also a very potent card and similar to Gyruda, it brings creatures into play so players have been making use of enter the battlefield effects such as Agent of Treachery. It triggers off multiple creatures, so things can get out of hand pretty quickly. As history would tell us though, a card that relies on other cards to be in play and has no immediate impact on the battlefield usually fade out in the metagame as it is folds to disruption.

And there’s more…

There are many other cards that fit into existing archetypes, create new ones or even resurrect old ones. Some examples include:

  • Shark Typhoon: Goes well into the Temur Reclamation/Flash decks as an uncounterable threat that can be used even with Teferi in play.
  • Keruga, the Macrosage: Almost a freeroll Companion in Jeskai Fires so you can refill your hand and a guaranteed turn 5 play.
  • Slitherwisp: Dimir or Sultai Flash will look to include these wherever possible.
  • Rielle, the Everwise: This card works well with the Cycling mechanic as well as other Izzet based decks with Arclight Phoenix.

Starting this Monday, we also have the second season of MagicFest Online resuming in the new Ikoria Standard! We will be covering each event with more detailed metagame breakdown as we will have hundreds of decklists to work with.

MTG Arena Mythic Standard Decks of the Week

Here are the full list of known Mythic decks over the past week shared by the players, sorted by the deck archetype name with their highest placement noted (if known). You can also view all of these decks in our Standard deck section.

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