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Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – September 2020 Season – Week 2 – Zendikar Rising Waiting Room!

We are just a few days away from the release of Zendikar Rising, the latest Magic: The Gathering Expansion and players will have a brand new metagame to explore half way through the season. Many will prefer to finish the climb in an environment they are more familiar with, and this will be the last chance to do so! In this article, we have rounded up the most prominent new decks, as well as fresh and interesting takes on the existing archetypes, both for Standard and Historic formats. What is the format of your choice for competitive ladder games? Feel free to check out the recap of the lists from last week and the August season:

MTG Arena Standard Mythic Decks of the Week

The Standard format is eagerly waiting for its yearly rotation cycle in just a few days. Whether the new expansion will have a big enough impact is the big question, as it has obviously been powered down a notch compared to the last four sets. For now, it’s time to say farewell to our favorite cards and look for a brighter future not plagued by bans every other week!

Of course, we will have all new decks for you to try in the new set coming up in the next few days, as well as a complete overhaul of our budget decks also. Keep your eyes peeled!

MTG Arena Historic Mythic Decks of the Week

The top 8 of the Mythic Invitational is going on as we speak, and Jund Sacrifice has taken the metagame by storm. It is really interesting that there are three builds, one with Collected Company, Bolas’s Citadel and ones going back to their old Standard ways by bringing back Korvold, Fae-Cursed King. That aside, the other pillars of the format you will see at least until Zendikar Rising releases are Goblins, Sultai Midrange and Rakdos Arcanist.

Zendikar Rising may end up being a drop in the ocean for Historic, other than perhaps creating some new archetypes and giving us more interesting deck building options with the modal double-faced cards. We will find out in due course!

How to Feature Your Deck

This column is our weekly roundup of Standard and Historic decks players are using to climb the ranked ladder on MTG Arena! Our goal is to curate and post a variety of deck archetypes and interesting card choices at the end of each week to help you keep up to date with the latest trends in the metagame. Until we get our deck builder up and running, if you have any decks you wish to be featured here, please Tweet us at @mtgazone, or message us on our Discord sever. Please note, not all decks that are submitted may be added.

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