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Two New Free Codes and July Game Update

The much anticipated July update for MTG Arena is now out - Core Set 2020 cards, Mastery System, and more. We also get two new promo codes to use!

The much anticipated July update for MTG Arena is now out – Core Set 2020 cards, Mastery System, and more. We also get two new promo codes to use!

Two New Promo Codes

The latest update of MTG Arena ( is now live! Once you have successfully patched and updated your client, first thing you want to do is get some freebies and open some packs! Redeem the two new codes below:

PlayM203 Free Core Set 2020 Packs
LevelUp2 Free Mastery Levels

As always, you can go to our MTG Arena Codes section for the most up to date free promo codes, and instructions on how to redeem them.

As a reminder, some codes have also expired as of today as of this update, such as the MythicMagic and the StarterStyles codes, so make sure to keep an eye out on their expiry dates! Game Update

1. Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020 is now available on MTG Arena, and all 300+ cards will be legal to play in all constructed play modes, as well as the Core Set 2020 Sealed Event. If you have preordered, time to crack your packs and get brewing!

Wizards also has comprehensive release notes on all the cards in Core Set 2020, so check that out also if you like a bit of reading.

2. Mastery System

The Core Set Mastery Tree.

A new reward system is now available for all players called the Mastery System – which will be refreshed every new expansion set.

In short, players gain experience points (XP) for Daily Quests, first three daily wins, and more from events. Every 1000 XP we gain a level and a reward specific to that level. This system will be replacing the weekly reward system (currently 3 packs per week with 15 weekly game wins).

In addition, players have the choice to purchase a Mastery Pass for 3400 gems, which grants even more rewards per level – which includes more cards, gems, gold and new cosmetic items.

MTG Arena Zone will be covering this new system in due course, but there is a plethora of information already from the official source, so read up on these if you are interested:

3. London Mulligan

As previously announced, we now have a new mulligan system. Each time you mulligan, you now draw up to seven cards, then put a number of cards equal to the number of times you have mulliganed this game on the bottom of your library in an order of your choice.

Thew new mulligan system.

4. Others

There is a whole slew of bug fixes, game play, auto tap, store, events and reward updates (e.g. War of the Spark Season 3 now awards Core Set 2020 packs) – for the full patch notes, click here.

Game Update Issues

Update July 3, 2019: Issues have now been resolved!

As of writing this article, the game is experiencing degraded performance issues.

Many players may still not be able to get into the game, or successfully redeem codes – we recommend you hold on trying to play or redeeming codes until they resolve the issues for a better gaming experience.

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