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Hamlet Glutton

Wild of Eldraine (WOE) Combos and Synergies Guide

In this guide, we go over some combos and synergies for Wilds of Eldraine (WOE).

Hey everyone! Wilds of Eldraine has officially dropped on Arena so we’re all running into all kinds of crazy things exploring that fairy tale world. It is pretty wild there in the aftermath of the Phyrexians and whatever mess Oko left behind. Today I’m going to be talking about combos and synergies that will help your decks perform better than the sum of their parts.

I’m going to mostly stick with commons and uncommons because you’re far more likely to run into them. Maybe one rare for funsies at the end. I could be lame and make one of “Gruff Triplets and winning”, but that would be harsh to all of us who have had that happen to us already.

The Princess Takes Flight and Stockpiling Celebrant

This dwarf knows where to look when The Princess Takes Flight. After you get your step two, you simply play Stockpiling Celebrant to return The Princess Takes Flight to your hand and that exiled creature is banished to the nether realm never to be seen again. You can keep doing this if you have more celebrants or just bargain away the saga to ensure that the next creature you removed gets to stay exiled as well.

The Princess Takes Flight is one of those cards that isn’t the best on it’s own, but can really take advantage of being a part of a synergistic environment.

Frostbridge Guard and Sharae of the Numbing Depths

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why is Josh highlighting a tapper and a tap payoff? That seems pretty obvious.”

The reason I choose to talk about Frostbridge Guard is that it can tap during your opponents turn to help get around the once per turn clause on Sharae of Numbing Depths. What’s better than drawing an extra card on your turn? How about drawing an extra card on both player’s turns.

You really can’t go wrong with combining Sharae with any repeatable tap option such as Icewrought Sentry or Rimefur Reindeer, but instant speed ones such as this and Plunge into Winter let you double dip.

Cooped Up and Archon’s Glory

This works with any instant speed Bargain spell. What you do is put the exile ability of Cooped Up on the stack and then sacrifice it. You essentially give up nothing for that Bargain bonus. It’s just too bad they didn’t give us an instant speed bounce or blink effect that can hit Cooped Up for some real fun.

Gallant Pie-Wielder and Monstrous Rage

This requires you to play one permanent beforehand, but it’s certainly worth it. Then this innocent little pie wielder wanders into the red zone before going into a bear fueled Monstrous Rage turning that pie he’s wielding into an Embercleave. I don’t know about you, but I’m always down to send my opponent on a one way trip to Cleaveland.

Ratcatcher Trainee and Stingblade Assassin

This also applies to anything that generates a rat token, but this one curves right into the assassin and makes two rats. Since rats can’t block, attacking them in can look like you’re just trying to sneak a couple damage through or planning to sacrifice the blocked one to a bargain spell. They block one of your innocent rats with a big creature and BAM assassinated.

Sugar Rush is another common way to take advantage of your not in any way suspicious to be attacking rat horde.

Curiosity and Unruly Catapult

The curious catapult who could draws a card every time it hits your opponent which can give you even more instants and sorceries to keep untapping it to draw more. As you can imagine drawing a pile of extra cards quickly snowballs the game past the point of no return.

I had this combo in one of my sealed decks, but ironically enough my opponent dropped it on me instead. It was a great example of Magic being a zero sum game because all of the fun was had on the other side of the table.

Hatching Plans and Torch the Tower

Another example where any Bargain spell can easily fulfill your dreams of drawing three cards, but I went with this one because of how cheap and efficient it is. You even get a scry thrown in from Torch the Tower.

Twisted Fealty and Vampiric Rites

Due to Bargain not letting you sacrifice nontoken creatures, you have to get a little creative to pull off the ol steal sac combo. Vampiric Rites slide perfectly into an aggressive Rakdos deck to take advantage of all of the rats, but it pulls double duty here by letting you sacrifice your opponent’s best creature after they swear fealty to you.

Utopia Sprawl and Hamlet Glutton

Utopia Sprawl lets you ramp out Hammy and provides something to sacrifice to their Bargain if you didn’t get anything else along the way. Dropping a turn four 6/6 trample is a serious problem for most decks.

Tanglespan Lookout and Asinine Antics

You still control all of the Cursed Auras you put on your opponent’s creatures and Tanglespan Lookout doesn’t have that once per turn clause. Dunking on your opponent’s entire side while drawing five cards seems like a great time to me.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon with my over/under performers article. Until then, stay classy people!

I’m always open to feedback, let me know what you loved, what you hated, or just send dog pics. You can contact me at:

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