Wizards Confirm Next Banned and Restricted Announcement to be Made May 18


Wizards of the Coast has just confirmed that the next Magic: The Gathering banned and restricted announcement will be made on May 18, and will be discussing changes to the Vintage, Legacy and Brawl formats. This means that there will not be any changes to Standard or Historic formats for now.

Companions have impacted most Magic formats where they are legal, and it sounds like they are also considering some changes to other formats as well at a later time.

In regards to the Brawl update, it had already been noted on Weekly MTG that Drannith Magistrate will be banned and is likely to be added to the banlist along with:



  • Do you think Standard and Historic needs any cards banned?
  • If so, what particular cards?
  • Without Companions, do you think Standard will be in a much better shape?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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    • Michael Ryszykow says:

      I am a little surprised Agent of treachery is even on the radar. I guess we need to see some event results.

      • michael ryszykow says:

        Isn’t even on the radar*

      • Malebranche says:

        MtGMelee posted some tournament results recently. Yorion Lukka was the largest deck submission by far, had a 65% game 1 win rate over all and closer to 75-80% game 2 and 3. A gruul deck ended up winning, though, through sheer fluke. Alternatively, cycling decks boasted a 70% game 1 winrate that tanks to 40% game 2 and 3.

        • Jon Paul Gallina says:

          Yeah glass casket gets there one or two pesky creature’s just enough time to crush them burn is better then cycling imo

          • im curious if anybody’s tried running drannith magistrate against Lurrus…it just seems like a good stopper; but perhaps it dies to removal…if that is indeed the case–i think we’re better suited to just unban veil of summer and see how that plays out. I only thought veil was OP in conjunction with OUAT and Oko; but not on it’s own; plus against lurrus decks it won’t draw the card but only give hexproof.

      • Andrew M. Lauer says:

        No need to ban agent it costs seven mana. It’s the deck that may be problematic. It’s a 5 mana combo that requires creatures in play so it can be beat. If anything gets banned from that deck it should be teferi, yorion, or fires. Banning any one of those cards would greatly weaken the deck. I think they ban yorion if anything. Although, what I would do is unban Oko and see how that shakes things up. There are 4 or 5 tier 1 decks right now, so a banning is not justified.

        • Jon Paul Gallina says:

          There is 4 the decks just designed to beat the yorion decks because the top two are both running yorion and there’s like 5 other versions running yorion. Lol but right now yorion fires with no creature’s except agent is the best deck on MTG arena I am almost 100 that fires and teferi need a ban yorion is to new to say who’s it needs a ban

        • Jon Paul Gallina says:

          Oko is banned in every format for a reason lol

        • Tyler Klingler says:

          But the combos that bring out expensive cards have always been there. They are nothing new. It’s the fact that agent can combo in so effectively that your lands disappear making it so you have no chance to interact. This is the big problem with agent.

        • Thomas Hugen says:

          Good idea. Unban Oko and give them a better way to make creatures

        • Joshua Radford says:

          Agent of Treachery is the enabler card for that deck, and banning it makes the least impact on deck building. On your other point, just because there are 4-5 tier 1 decks doesn’t mean that there are no ban-worthy cards.

    • Ricardo L Barreras says:

      No way the Winota does not get banned.

      • Tyler Klingler says:

        Winota is not the problem. It’s the agent of treachery that always follows the Winota.

        • Ethan Brain says:

          Neither Winota nor agent are the problem imo. Agent would be fair if their weren’t so many ways to cheat it out (Winota, Fires, Lukka, etc) and ways to abuse it (Thassa, Yorion, both of those together)

          • Alessandro Amante says:

            I totally agree with you, if the only way to use it was to pay 7 mana it would be a fair card. The problem is that there are too many ways to play it before it was meant to and play it again and again… it can also steal lands…

  1. Jenna Jarrell says:

    I find it fitting that there was an ad showing how stupidly easy it is to ramp up in Simic atm with Nissa, on a post about an upcoming B&R announcement… That’s not for standard… As another horribly annoying Planeswalker once said… “Pick up the pace” WotC…

    • Jon Paul Gallina says:

      Nissa can be beat and is not seeing play right now yorion fires and yorion bant are the top 2 decks with burn and boros cycling as there weakness tier two is aristocrat and phoenix and everything else.

  2. Matt says:

    Not sure why Niv Mizzet Reborn hasn’t been banned in Brawl. It’s head over heels stronger than any other commander out there to the point where it has over a 90% winrate.

    • BadAtPickingNames says:

      Niv isn’t so strong that he has a 90% winrate. He’s still likely the best commander, and there’s arguments for and against banning. We’ll see if he makes it past the upcoming ban announcement or not. Seems possible he won’t considering they’re banning Drannith Magistrate which is a strong answer to Niv.

  3. beetroothoot says:

    Ban the most powerful cards!
    Then ban the cards that are the most powerful cards after we ban the current most powerful cards!
    Then ban the cards that are the most powerful cards after we ban the most powerful cards that became the most powerful cards after we ban the current most powerful cards!
    …Till’ we have nothing but 2/2 bears… THEN BAN THEM!

  4. Stephen Porritt says:

    I think it’s about time to unban veil of summer.
    Probably leave once upon a time banned.
    Delete Oko from history.

  5. Greenwolf says:

    Teferi, time raveler locks many deck ways. Lots of card make it too resilient. It decreases interactions in play and, according to me, must be banned in T2.

  6. Jon Paul Gallina says:

    Fires and teferi and most likely yorion but first fires and teferi for now

  7. Jon Paul Gallina says:

    Also companions are fine yorion is the only one that’s somewhat oppressive fores and teferi that’s it for now then play it by ear.

  8. Bf d Bduejxn says:

    Teferi, Bane of Flash is going no where, cry more.

  9. Yu Kawai says:

    Where can I find the recent tourney results that MTGMalee posted? Just tried googling but without luck.

  10. Dion Ngelow says:

    What makes MTG differs from other TCG is interaction.. when no interaction deemed possible (take example Oko) it’s mandatory-ban for me. Current plays that deemed un-interactive is TEFERI… Teferi protecting cavalier-fires is already very strong, now Teferi is protecting Yorion blink, Lukka’s summoning.. that is unbearable..

    If we ban Teferi, other un-interactive combo will regain back its title and it is Witch Oven – Cauldron Familiar combo.. irritating, unbearable and almost impossible to interact with (I wish I can put Grafdigger Cage as companion though)

    TL;DR – Teferi , Time Raveler must go, Cauldron Familiar must go.. Yorion, Lukka, Winota can still cheat out Agent but now we had chances to interact in response..

    Note: I play cycling and yes, it’s almost un-interactive but you can easily wreck cycling with sideboard hate and we didnt hide behind Teferi or something like that

  11. Lucifer says:

    agent is more game breaking then fire !!

  12. Lost cause says:

    I think Yorion or Lurrus are going to get banned in standard or pioneer. If you watch the meta there is like 6 or 7 meta decks with lurrus. I think the problem with companions is the fact that is starting to become a mistake to not play them, Because when your opponent always have´s a power house in its hand is problematic

  13. NicY says:

    Ban Flourishing Fox or Zenith Flare ! A single cost (uncommon) creature with the ability to pump to a 6/6 on turn 3 along with Zenith Flare looming, what happened to having to work for victory, it’s getting to easy, you hardly have to think nowadays to tier up.

    • Kersey Mugen says:

      If you’re dying to zenith flare your deck is either too slow or just not good enough for the format.

      • Jerry Ernst says:

        Except the cycling decks have all cards that cost 1 to cycle, and they cycle their whole hand each turn. It’s bad enough to deal with the hasty lurrus deck with the cycle pinger, but getting killed in a few turns near full life is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. Nick Yovino Jr. says:

    If they wait a little longer to ban Yorion or whatever, then we can spend a bunch of wildcards for cards we otherwise wouldn’t play. Then we will have to buy more packs to get more wildcards.

  15. fragma says:

    ffs ban agent of treachery. the card per se isn’t unfair but nowadays there’s way too many ways to cheat it into play and abuse it waaay too soon. it creates an ambient where it is the most competitive play always and it simply isn’t a fun gameplay, for neither of the players involved. it is boring having your lands stoled turn 4/5 without being able to interact against it well cause it’s way too soon to set up defenses against it, but it is also boring to simply win because you did nothing but just play a card. there’s no strategy in it. you just do the thing and that’s it.
    I mean, fires is OP, teferi is OP, etc. but you can win against them with some thought, and teferi has a place against flash (simic being way too OP without a card like teferi in the formats, etc).
    it’s the cheating agent turn 5 (sometimes 2 or more agents together) and blinking it next turn that rewards boring gameplay

    and i’d also ban zenith flair for the same reasons: boring gameplay. just cycle all the shit you can and then burn

    • steelbyheart says:

      Actually agree with all that except that Teferi “has a place against flash.” I don’t believe Teferi 3 has a place anywhere. His passive says: your opponent can now only play the game in a broken sub optimal way. That’s way to broad of a shutdown. Magic is a good game most significantly because you have the opportunity to cleverly interact with situations. Teferi 3 says if I’m on the board your opponent can no longer play that game. It degrades everything and enables players to do even more ridiculous things as once they get their Tef down you must first remove him before you can efficiently or in most cases at all hope to stop them. Now, many other things should be banned too of course: Fires, Rec, Yorion, Lukka (it’s a misprint isn’t it?), basically anything that’s “mana cheat,” but too many that would ever be honestly and that’s probably unfortunate. Agent doesn’t deserve to be banned as a card of course, but that is I believe the most expedient way to fix the game. Agent and Teferi would be my votes. Then go from there. Oh and flare too of course! Not because it’s that good, but because it makes cycling a dumb mechanic. And cycling is/was a cool mechanic.

    • Foxyfloof says:

      I’ve seen turn 5 land-ramp into clone-agent in Arena as well as irl, thanks to Fires of Invention and March of Mirrors. Ban Fires, it’s pure shennanigans that it lets you play just about anything for free.

      Fires is worse than Yorion, imo, thanks to the fact it lets you choose things not in play, and thus, not subject to kill or removal.

  16. DoomQ8 says:

    Companions are cool except for some that are OP and grants way too much advantage and possibly end games (Yorion/Obosh). In most games against yorions once they drop it it’s gg. For cards that are ruining standard: TEFERI, Yorion, FIRES, and the MVP of this standard AGENT OF BROKENNESS.

  17. When i verse Teferi, Yorion and fires i get the occasional feel bad games, but every time Agent of Treachery is involved is always a feel bad moment. I cant wait until Agent of Treachery rotates and I never have to deal with it again.

  18. aaa says:

    Ban Agent of treachery porco dio

  19. AGENT NOOBZOR says:


  20. Sherfire says:

    Ban Agent already, ffs. I’m not too versed in MTG, but from my experience and observation – Agent is either a lucky draw on an early turn for Winota or similar. When that happens on turn 4 it’s pretty much curtains for every deck that I’ve tried. For the mother of all control decks, and control decks in general – when Agent comes out and gets blinked over and over, and Lukka is fetching more agents – it’s game over. It’s just too powerful and impossible to overcome. So, the only way to deal with it is to try and prevent it from happening by stopping retrieval and having counters ready for Yorion. Because this combo trumps everything else we’re forced to either join the club, which I refuse to do, or build decks which are pigeon-holed into strictly combating Agent/Yorion/Lukka/Fires decks…… I’m new to MTG but it’s pretty obvious.

    I’ve tried so many decks to deal with this and every time I end up getting smoked due to Agent. I can deal with Tef and fires… but agent just flips the entire game on its head. I’m so annoyed with this game because of this mechanic and the ability to retrigger it multiple times per turn. I’ve kinda just said to myself that I’ll continue to learn the game until Sept. comes and Agent/Tef are gone.. and then I can start trying decks that aren’t specifically built to deal with this broken combo.

    I bet you, though, the reason it’s not banned is because WotC want to sell more packs….. so many rares required to make Lukka/Fires/Yorion deck…. it’s insane. For now, though, I’ll just continue to quit the match whenever Agent shows up.

  21. This message is for any Mtg fan and MTG officials.

    Ban Agent, not because agent is too strong, because every cheating cards are no brainers with him.
    and stop printing cards that say : on turn 3, look at your entire deck and play it for free. winota is absurd… how can a soldier token is not human, even the drawing is clearly a human!

    lukka is absurd, you can do his -2 2 times.. come on!
    yorion is too much, it should exile itself, or cost 6
    teferi breaks the fun
    nissa pushes too hard
    fires is abusive
    and losing to zenith flare sucks!

    Magic is broken now, the game is frustrating, I played this for 25 years now… and now I think I might stop playing seeing where this is going, and my friend too… Everytime I have a great idea, I create a deck I play a game, get beaten by always the same things because people have no imagination, then I close the game again, until the next burst of joy to create a deck that will fail again.

    I mean.. If I want to buy a big red button that say “you win” and press it faster than my opponent.. I would not want to play a strategy game. Now it’s so fast, and there is not enough response to all those immense threat.. If you don’t start the game, you have a great chance to lose it, even if all your plan is in your hand…

    calm down on all those stupid cards… you are breaking the game!
    I play this game to relax and change my mind.. now I’m stressed and frustrated by my favorite game!

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