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Mythic Invitational Qualifier

Zendikar Rising Mythic Invitational Qualifier #1 Decklists


The top 1200 Mythic players from the April ranked season were eligible to participate in today’s Zedikar Rising Mythic Invitational Qualifier! All players who reach 10 wins before 2 losses qualify for the big $750,000 tournament, Mythic Invitational – Zendikar Rising planned to be held on October 22 to 25, 2020.

Similar to the Mythic Point Challenge last month, players also earn Mythic Points starting with their fifth win. They are used for getting on the Mythic Points leaderboard, which gives players an invitation to a future Mythic Invitational or the ability to participate in the qualifier events without having to grind the ladder for consistent performers in these events.

The tournament is not covered in an official capacity, but we have had numerous players stream their run as well as sharing their successful (or not so successful) results and decklists through social media platforms. Some even kindly included a sideboard guide! Below you will find the list of all published decks, sorted by the number of win record starting with the maximum 10. After that, we will then discuss some standout decks from the tournament.



The Redbull Untapped tournament is also happening at the same time, and as expected there were not too many surprises among the high performing decks we’ve seen so far. Jeskai Lukka is clearly the strongest deck in the format, representing almost 20% of the metagame and boasting the highest win rate. However, one player decided to try something a little bit more radical in the event…

Mono Red Yorion?

Malseman (who also made day 2 of the Redbull Untapped tournament with Bant Yorion) juked his opponents with a Teferi Avatar, Lukka Sleeves and a Yorion Companion with the hopes that they would be making the wrong decisions in choosing their starting hand and psychologically impact their future plays. A 81 card deck was submitted for the event and in the subsequent games 14 cards would be taken out into the sideboard. Aggro is not particularly in a good spot right now in the Standard metagame, but in a tournament that does not have open decklists, this was a very interesting decision indeed!


Going into this event, the new build of Jeskai Fires that cheats out Agent of Treachery via Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast was the deck to beat. Out of the 16 decklists that got 10 wins, half of them consisted of this deck archetype. With the banned and restricted announcement just passed, it looks like players will have to endure or find a way to beat the deck but Wizards are monitoring the situation and will be taking action if necessary.

The Redbull Untapped tournament was won by Azorius Control featuring Yorion, and it looks like some players took similar lists to success here also. The two decks overlap somewhat but this two color version packs in more removal and counterspells in the 80 card deck to grind out opponents.

Lurrus and Obosh

Obosh and Lurrus also made their appearance here as aggro decks look to keep the slow decks in check. Mono Red Obosh by now is the most commonly played version and is accepted as such. Rakdos Lurrus Sacrifice has fallen off in the meta in favor of the Jund Sacrifice version with Bolas’s Citadel, as it lacks good ways to end games, but Lurrus made its way into a Aura heavy deck that was recently popularized. This version that made 10 wins splashes green for Season of Growth, which gives the deck much needed card draw and selection.


While having Companions in your deck seems like the norm, two top tier decks do not utilize them. Temur Reclamation and Temur Adventures have been using the same core deck ever since their inception, getting small incremental improvements as new sets are released.

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