April 2020 Mythic Point Challenge Decklists


The second Mythic Point Challenge has now wrapped up on MTG Arena, a tournament that players who achieved the top 1200 Mythic ranking in the previous seasons were qualified to participate. This is a new series of events that do not directly lead to an invitation to a Mythic Invitational, but awards Mythic Points, which are important for players in the Magic Pro League and Rivals League to fight for their spots in their respective leagues.

Other consistently high achieving players not in these leagues can also get on the Mythic Points leaderboard, which gives them an invitation to a future Mythic Invitational or the ability to participate in the qualifier events without having to grind the ladder. You can find more details on the official Magic.gg esports page.

The tournament itself was not covered in any official capacity, but we have had players who chose to stream their run and a lot of players shared their successful (or not so successful) results and decklists through social media. Below you will find the list of decks, sorted by the number of win record (starting with the maximum 10).

We will be posting more decks as we find out more throughout the week, and we can expect the Magic Esports team to post the 10 win decks and update the Mythic Point standings sometime on Monday. Please let us know on Twitter if you participated in this event and would like to share your deck!

April 2020 Mythic Point Challenge Decklists



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