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Generic Wizards of the Coast Image Patch Notes


  • Plane-cation Chronicles
  • New Basic Land Cards, Full-Art Lands, and Card Styles
  • Installer Updates


Developer Note: These updates are shipping with the July 25th game update, which means players will need to update the game first to experience these improvements going forward.

  • Players will no longer be required to download and reinstall the entire client when updating Magic: The Gathering Arena. In future updates, players will only need to download the specific changes in the update.
    • In the event that a full client download is required, we will try in make note of this as part of our scheduled maintenance announcements.
  • Players will now be able to download certain assets prior to game updates. These downloads will happen in the background during normal play, and should decrease the amount that players need to download on release days – including card set releases!
  • Players now must login before assets begin to download.
  • Visual improvements to the installer.


  • As part of this update, our log outputs will be changing. For those of you who use tracking tools or software that rely on game logs, an example of the new output is available, here: .pdf / .txt


  • Each event will start on Sunday at 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC) and end on the following Tuesday at 11 a.m. PT (18:00 UTC). Players will have until 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC) Tuesday to join the event.
  • Players will earn rewards based on the number of wins, up to 6 wins for each event. Please Note: Each reward can only be earned once per event.
    • Players will be able to purchase the event rewards for gold at a future date.
  • Losses are not tracked; you can play in each event until you earn the rewards (or the event itself ends) without starting over.
  • No entry fee!


  • Choose a guild-themed deck and battle it out against other guilds!
  • No deck building required! We provide the decks with the cards, you get to examine the decks and pick which one you want to play. You will also be able to change you deck selection between games – but you won’t be able to make any changes to the provided decklist!
  • Please Note: Event decks (and their cards) will not be added to your collection.
  • Rewards:
    • 1 Win: Return to Ravnica Plains + 1,000 XP
    • 2 Wins: Return to Ravnica Island
    • 3 Wins: Return to Ravnica Swamp
    • 4 Wins: Return to Ravnica Mountain
    • 5 Wins: Return to Ravnica Forest
    • 6 Wins: Unhinged Forest



Developer’s Note: Since we’re introducing the ability for players to earn and/or purchase basic lands, we want to be clear: We currently plan to continue granting all players access to basic lands with regular card frames for each Standard set release. Alternate versions of set-specific basic lands (such as full-art, alternative frames, promo versions, etc.) may require play, purchase, or only be available through promotions. We also may reach a point where we stop granting lands from sets that have rotated out of Standard to newer players (i.e. players who join MTG Arena after those sets have rotated). However! All players will have access to new basic lands with regular card frames for each Standard set release, and once those cards are in your collection we have no intention of removing them.

  • To view the Basic Lands available in your collection, you must enable the “Basic Land” filter under the “Advanced Filter Options”.
  • As long as the Basic Land filter is enabled, you can also filter by set, color identity, and whether or not the card is in your collection using the other Advanced Filter Options.
  • You only need one copy of each basic land card; as long as you have one copy of the basic land with the illustration you wish to use, you can add any number of that land to your deck/s.



  • When permitted by the rules, you can now cancel casting a spell (or activating an effect) while selecting an X cost.
  • When the opponent plays a permanent in the second main phase that has an end step trigger, you will now get a proper response window before proceeding to the end step (e.g. You can destroy Wilderness Reclamation before your opponent’s lands untap)
  • The auto-passing system should be much smarter about preserving the window to respond to permanents flashed in during Declare Attackers and End Steps.
  • Triggers from sources you “own” but aren’t under your control (Captive Audience, Chandra, Awakened Inferno’s +1 Ability) no longer auto-pass priority if you have actions available.


  • When something causes the autotap solution to change between the time that it was displayed and the time the payment is actually being made, autotap will now pause to allow players to review the new solution. You can use the “Pay ” button to accept the new solution or tap lands manually to use a different one.


  • There is now a clock icon visible near the hourglass/timeout icon whenever you are in a game that uses a match clock.
  • Players can always hover the match clock to show the amount of time remaining on your clock.
  • We’ve updated the values for when the match clock will automatically become visible once a player’s time begins to run low:
    • Game 1: Less than 15 minutes remain (previously 10).
    • Game 2: Les than 12 minutes remain (previously 8 )
    • Game 3: Less than 9 minutes remain (previously 6)
    • Sideboarding: As a general reminder, the match clock does not run during sideboarding.



  • Various adjustments to bot pick priority.



Now Available

Battle for Zendikar Full-Art Basic Lands

Cost: 2000 Gems

Core Set 2020 Basic Land Styles

Cost: 2500 Gems

War of the Spark Basic Land Styles

Cost: 2500 Gems

Mu Yanling Bundle

Cost: 2400 Gems

Tools of the Tactics Bundle

Cost: 1200 Gems

Card Sleeves

  • Teferi Shishizaru Sleeve
  • Saheeli Hisashi Momose Sleeve
  • Ugin Maekawa Yuichi Sleeve

Cost: 600 Gems Each

Card Style Sales

Core Set 2020 Leylines

Cost: 500 Gems Each

Core Set 2020 Planeswalkers

Cost: 600 Gems Each

Leaving Soon (Early September)

  • Chandra Bundle
  • Elemental Bundle
  • Karn, Vivien, Nissa, Angrath Japanese Alternate Art Sleeves

No Longer Available

  • Guild Bundles
  • Guild Sleeves
  • Proliferate Bundle
  • Chaos Aggro Bundle
  • Amass Power Bundle
  • Bolas Bundle
  • Cavalier Card Style Sales
  • Narset, Jave, Kiora, Kaya, Tamiyo Japanese Alternate Art Sleeves


  • The transformation effect for the Elemental Cat’s color has been throttled. The animation for the color change will only trigger once the previous animation has finished.
    • Note: Muting an opponent’s emotes will also prevent this transformation from occurring.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause creatures that were equipped with an artifact that transformed into another artifact to receive inappropriate bonuses
  • Ugin's Conjurant artwork should no longer appear stretched/squished.
  • Creatures that are granted indestructible should no longer randomly lose it.
  • Decks that contain a large number of cards should no longer cover the graveyard.
  • Cards in hand should no longer reverse order after players have decided to keep or Mulligan.
  • Lands and/or artifacts your opponents control should no longer appear cut-off at the top of the screen.
  • Chandra, Acolyte of Flame’s -2 ability now correctly allows you to cast cards using the Spectacle cost (if applicable).
  • Creatures equipped with an artifact will no longer receive inappropriate bonuses if the
  • Spark Double should now correctly enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter if it entered the battlefield without being cast (i.e. was put there by some other effect/ability).

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