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MTG Arena’s November update is now live! Here are the highlights of today’s update:


Dragon Whelp
  • Inspired by the card from Magic‘s first set, the Dragon Whelp pet is now available!
  • You can purchase the pet in the Store, under the Pets tab.
  • Please Note: The Dragon Whelp pet has only one rarity (it does not have unlockable visual upgrades or color variations).

Cost: 20,000 Gold or 3,000 Gems


  • Players should no longer receive a “Network Error: Deck Validation failed.” message when submitting a deck with Mirage basic lands.
  • Food tokens can no longer be sacrificed to pay multiple costs (e.g. You can no longer sacrifice the same Food token to activate Gilded Goose’s mana ability while also sacrificing it to gain life).
  • The auto-tapper correctly takes into consideration mana filtering abilities that require you to sacrifice a permanent (e.g. Guild Globe, Gilded Goose) when determining whether you could pay the casting cost for a card.
  • Players who disconnect and reconnect during a best-of-three match can properly sideboard in-between games.
  • Historic cards now display properly when sideboarding in Direct Challenge matches.


  • Sleeves acquired through code redemption do not automatically appear in your collection.
    • Workaround: The sleeve/s should properly appear after the game refreshes your collection. This can be done by navigating to the Packs page, playing in a match, or restarting the client.
  • When importing a decklist that contains more than five copies of a Historic card, the format defaults to Standard. The imported deck will display both the number of Historic cards and any other “invalid” cards on the number indicator.
  • Rewards acquired from the Mastery system will appear on the same page. This may cause rewards to overlap if multiple rewards are received simultaneously.
  • Players in Early Player Progression (after completing the tutorial matches) may see an empty “Claim Rewards” screen at the end of Bot matches
Source: NOV 26 – Patch Notes

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