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MTG Arena has been updated with the latest patch, bringing fixes to various known issues and other minor bugs that arose from the recent update. You can also see the current issues in the thread here since the major update yesterday. Remember you can:


Players will need to restart their client to download this update (exit and relaunch MTG Arena).


  • Various fixes to improve loading times and reduce latency/network related issues (e.g. getting stuck on a black screen, persistent “waiting for the server” messaging, etc.)
  • Players should no longer inadvertently end up on the debug console.
  • Adjusted mouse detection/hitboxes on the Zendikar Rising battlefield to prevent situations where players could not target/mouse-over-zoom their opponent’s lands and/or Planeswalkers.
  • The Nahiri's Stoneblades card sleeve now displays the correct artwork.
  • Corrected the artist credit for various Zendikar Rising showcase card styles.

Source: SEP 18 – Patch Notes

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