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Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass

Zendikar Rising Mastery and Mastery Pass

The Zendikar Rising Set Mastery system is a way for players to receive in-game content through play. It runs from September 17 until the release of the next expansion Kaldheim (estimated release date on January 21, 2021). Players earn rewards based on their current Set Mastery level, which varies for each specific Set Mastery.

Zendikar Rising Mastery Level and Experience

A player’s Set Mastery level is based on the amount of experience they have earned through play. Players primarily earn experience by completing in-game Daily Quests, Daily Wins and Weekly Wins. Additional experience may be earned by limited time events or promotional items.

  • Use the Mastery Calculator to predict what your final level will be, which can differ depending on how much you play.
  • There are a total of 130 levels available in Zendikar Rising Mastery with each level up requiring 1000 XP. All players receive rewards through Level 114, while players with the Mastery Pass will receive rewards up to Level 130 and beyond.
  • All levels past level 130 will earn the player one Uncommon Individual Card Reward (ICR) that has a 5% upgrade rate.
  • XP and Orbs from the previous Mastery are not transferred to this one, nor to the next Mastery.
  • Players earn Mastery XP via playing the game regularly for a daily total of slightly over 1000 XP and a total of 7250 XP per week. Wins can be earned in any game mode; with the exception of Direct Challenge, and Bot Matches:
    • 500 XP from Daily Quests per day
    • 3750 XP from 15 Weekly Wins per week (250 XP per win) (up to fifteen; resets at 2 AM PDT). Weekly
    • Up to 250 XP from 10 Daily Wins per day (25 XP per win)
    • Note: Weekly Wins and Daily Quests counter are reset (15 wins and 3 quests) upon arrival of the new Mastery.
  • Codes: To be announced.
  • Events: To be announced.

There are three separate tracks of reward you can earn. Each will be explained below, along with a table of the rewards gained at each level including the Mastery Tree:

  1. Set Mastery
  2. Mastery Pass
  3. Renewal Rewards

Zendikar Rising Set Mastery

The base standard rewards all players receive. You earn a booster pack of the current set every two levels, up to a certain amount depending on the length.

  • 57x Zendikar Rising boosters
  • 5 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style on the Zendikar Rising Mastery Tree)

Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass

Set Mastery Pass is an optional way for players to enhance the Set Mastery system. It costs 3400 gems or as part of the pre-order bundle. Players who purchase the Set Mastery Pass will be able to earn additional in-game currency or items through play by a secondary Set Mastery track. When purchased, players will receive rewards based on their Set Mastery level, including the Set Mastery Pass rewards from previously earned levels.


Cards and Boosters

  • 20x booster packs (x5 ELD, x5 THB, x5 IKO, x5 M21)
  • 10x Zendikar Rising mythic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • 15x Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 131+: 1x Uncommon ICR 

Card Sleeves

  • Zendikar Rising Card Sleeve
  • Lithoform Exquisite Card Sleeve

Card Styles

  • 25 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style on the Zendikar Rising Mastery Tree)
  • 15x Common Card Styles
  • 10x Uncommon Card Styles
  • 10x Rare Card Styles

Custmizable Emotes

  • 10x Text Emotes
  • 5x Sticker Emotes

Event Tokens

  • 1 Premium Draft Token (Can be redeemed for either a Premier or Traditional Draft)

Gold and Gems

  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1,200 Gems


  • 5 Elemental-Themed Swappable Pets

Renewal Mastery Rewards

Players who have created a MTG Arena account and logged into their account on or before September 17 were eligible for Renewal Rewards. Additional rewards have been added to the Zendikar Rising Set Mastery (no Mastery Pass is required) up to level 31.

  • Level 3: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • Level 5: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 7: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 11: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 15: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 17: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 21: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 25: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 31: Standard 2020 Basic Sleeve

Zendikar Rising Mastery Reward Track

LevelSet MasterySet Mastery PassRenewal
1 Nahiri Heir of the Ancient Avatar
Zendikar Rising Sleeve
Ondu Elemental
2ZNR BoosterDrana’s Silencer Card Style
3 ELD BoosterZNR Uncommon ICR x2
4ZNR BoosterObey Cooperate Text Emote
5 OrbZNR Booster
ZNR Mythic ICR
6ZNR BoosterNahiri’s Binding Card Style
7 IKO BoosterZNR Uncommon ICR x2
8ZNR BoosterUncommon ICR x3
9 ZNR Mythic Rare ICR
10ZNR BoosterOrb
11 Nissa’s Zendikon Card StyleZNR Uncommon ICR x2
12ZNR BoosterHedron Love Emote
13OrbM21 Booster
14ZNR BoosterUncommon ICR x3
15 Traditional Draft TokenZNR Booster
ZNR Mythic ICR
16ZNR Booster200 Gems
17 THB BoosterZNR Uncommon ICR x2
18ZNR BoosterBubble Snare Card Style
19 Swarm Rise Text Emote
20ZNR BoosterOrb
21 Expedition Champion Card StyleZNR Uncommon ICR x2
22ZNR BoosterAll of Us Text Emote
23 ELD Booster
24ZNR BoosterUncommon ICR x3
25 Guul Draz ElementalZNR Booster
ZNR Mythic ICR
26ZNR BoosterPelakka Predation Card Style
27 THB Booster
28ZNR BoosterOrb
29 ZNR Mythic Rare ICR
30ZNR BoosterUncommon ICR x3
31 500 GoldStandard 2020 Basic Sleeve
32ZNR BoosterShepherd of Heroes Card Style
33 IKO Booster
34ZNR Booster200 Gems
35OrbKaza, Roil Chaser Card Style
36ZNR BoosterHedron Sad Emote
37 M21 Booster
38ZNR BoosterOrb
39 ZNR Mythic Rare ICR
40ZNR BoosterUncommon ICR x3
41 Cunning Geysermage Card Style
42ZNR BoosterInferno Spark Text Emote
43 THB Booster
44ZNR BoosterBeyeen Veil Card Style
45Orb200 Gems
46ZNR BoosterGnarlid Colony Card Style
47 IKO Booster
48ZNR BoosterLinvala, Shield of Sea Gate Card Style
49 ZNR Mythic Rare ICR
50ZNR BoosterMurasa Elemental and Orb
51 Scorch Rider Card Style
52ZNR BoosterHedron Angry Emote
53 M21 Booster
54ZNR BoosterOrb
55OrbSejiri Shelter Card Style
56ZNR BoosterZNR Mythic Rare ICR
57 IKO Booster
58ZNR BoosterGhastly Gloomhunter Card Style
59 Gnarlids Follow Text Emote
60ZNR BoosterOrah, Skyclave Hierophant Card Style
61 Kazuul’s Fury Card Style
62ZNR BoosterOrb
63 ELD Booster
64ZNR BoosterZNR Mythic Rare ICR
65OrbKhalni Ambush Card Style
66ZNR BoosterOblivion’s Hunger Card Style
67 Orb
68ZNR BoosterGrab Leg Text Emote
69 Zareth San, the Trickster Card Style
70ZNR BoosterOrb
71 Canopy Baloth Card Style
72ZNR BoosterHedron Sleepy Emote
73 THB Booster
74ZNR BoosterAkiri, Fearless Voyager Card Style
75 Akoum Elemental
76ZNR BoosterZNR Mythic Rare ICR
77 M21 Booster
78ZNR BoosterOrb
79 Makindi Stampede Card Style
80ZNR Booster500 Gold
81 ZNR Mythic Rare ICR
82ZNR BoosterGrakmaw, Skyclave Ravager Card Style
83 Expedition Diviner Card Style
84ZNR BoosterOrb
85 Backup Plan Text Emote
86ZNR Booster200 Gems
87 THB Booster
88ZNR BoosterZNR Mythic Rare ICR
89 Phylath, World Sculptor Card Style
90ZNR Booster500 Gold
91 Orb
92ZNR BoosterTurned Around Text Emote
93 Orb
94ZNR BoosterSynchronized Spellcraft Card Style
95 Hedron Happy Emote
96ZNR BoosterELD Booster
97 Verazol, the Split Current Card Style
98ZNR BoosterOrb
99 Song-Mad Treachery Card Style
100ZNR BoosterLithoform Engine Exquisite Sleeve
101 Flash Fast Text Emote
102ZNR BoosterTazeem Raptor Card Style
103 Orb
104ZNR BoosterVastwood Fortification Card Style
105 M21 Booster
106ZNR BoosterZNR Mythic Rare ICR
107 Yasharn, Implacable Earth Card Style
108ZNR BoosterZof Consumption Card Style
109 Serves You Text Emote
110ZNR BoosterTazeem Elemental
111 Orb
112ZNR BoosterSilundi Vision Card Style
113 Orb
114ZNR BoosterELD Booster
115 500 Gold
116 Orb
117 Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats Card Style
118 Orb
119 500 Gold
120 IKO Booster
121 Orb
122 500 Gold
123 Orb
124 200 Gems
125 Orb
126 500 Gold
127 200 Gems
128 Orb
129 500 Gold
130 Orb
 Uncommon ICR – 5% Upgrade

Zendikar Rising Mastery Tree

Using earned Orbs, the following Card Styles are available from the Set Mastery Reward Tree:






Mastery System FAQ

Mastery System 

What is the Mastery System? 

The Mastery System is a way for players to earn experience and unlock rewards by playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.  

What’s the difference between “Account Mastery” and “Set Mastery”?

Players complete the Account Mastery system as part of the new player experience, which unlocks the 15 starter decks as well as certain cosmetics. With Core Set 2020, we’ve expanded this system to now include Set Mastery system which will be specific to each new Standard set on Magic: The Gathering Arena. 

Does the Mastery System cost anything? 

All players receive access to the Account Mastery and standard Set Mastery at no additional cost. Players can unlock additional rewards for the Set Mastery by purchasing a Mastery Pass. 

Does the Mastery System ever reset? 

The Account Mastery is part of our new player experience and may only be completed once. Your Set Mastery level and rewards will reset with the release of every new Standard set on MTG Arena. 

Set Mastery

How long is each Set Mastery available? 

Set Masteries are available for the most recent Standard set, starting on the day the set is released and ending when the next set is released. 

How do I earn rewards? 

By play! Every time you complete a quest, or earn one of your daily wins (up to 10), or earn one of your weekly wins (up to 15), you’ll receive experience points towards your current Mastery level. Additional XP may be available through special events or promotional items (such as codes). As you level up, you’ll receive rewards based on your current level. 

Methods of earning XP include:

·  Daily Wins – 25 XP for the first 10 wins per day

·  Weekly Wins – 250 XP for the first 15 wins per week

·  Quests – 500 XP for each quest completed

·  (Other – occasionally there are codes or special events that reward XP.)

What rewards can I earn? 

All players can earn up to 30 booster packs from the most recent set, as well as 5 mastery orbs that can be used to unlock certain card styles. Additional rewards are available for players who have purchased a Mastery Pass. 

What happens when a new set is released on MTG Arena? 

When a new set is released on MTG Arena, a new Set Mastery reward track becomes available and your Set Mastery level is reset to 0. 

Can I complete older Set Masteries? 

There are currently no plans to allow players to complete Set Masteries for older sets. While you will keep any rewards you may have received from the previous Set Mastery, you will not be able to unlock any remaining rewards once the Set Mastery is no longer available.

Mastery Pass

What is the “Mastery Pass”? How is different than the Mastery System?

While all players have access to the base Mastery System, the Mastery Pass is an optional way for players to earn additional rewards through Set Mastery. 

How much does the Mastery Pass cost? 

The Mastery Pass can be purchased for 3,400 gems. Players can earn gems through rewards in certain events, or by purchasing them directly from the store. 

What do I receive when I purchase the Mastery Pass? 

All players who purchase the Mastery Pass will automatically receive the common Elemental-Themed pet, as well as the Nahiri, Heir of the Ancientsplayer avatar and Zendikar Rising card sleeve.

What else is included in Mastery Pass? 

In addition to the common Elemental pet and the Nahiri Heir of the Ancients player avatar and Zendikar Rising card sleeve, the Mastery Pass includes additional rewards players can earn as the level up. These rewards include up to 20 additional boosters, 1200 gems, Uncommon and Rare versions of the Elemental Pet, 4000 gold, premium card sleeves, and more.

In short – a lot! 

If I purchased a Mastery Pass, what happens when a new Set Mastery is released? 

Each Mastery Pass is tied to a specific Set Mastery. Once a new Set Mastery is released, the older set (and it’s corresponding Mastery Pass) will no longer be available. 


What are Pets?

Pets are a cosmetic feature that adds a companion creature to your collection. Pets will join you on the battlefield and observe your matches from the sidelines. Please Note: Pets do not offer any additional game play features. It is a cosmetic option only. 

How do I add pets to my collection? 

Currently, pets are only available through our Mastery Pass bundle.

How do I see which pets I’ve collected? 

On your Profile page, you will find a “Pet Selection” option next to the “Change Avatar” button. This will open a browser where you can view the pets in your collection, as well as choose which to display on the battlefield. 

How do I change the appearance of my pet? 

You can swap the color of your pet while they are on the battlefield. Simply click your pet, and watch them transform! Additionally, as you complete your Set Mastery your pet will level up alongside you, unlocking an Uncommon and Rare version with additional changes to their appearance. 

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