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More bug fixes have been deployed for MTG Arena, bringing fixes to various known issues and other minor bugs that arose from the recent update. All the major current issues (such as the connection issues and the debug console showing up) have now been marked as resolved.

Please remember to use the official Wizards of the Coast support channels if you encounter issues with the game:


  • Players can no longer add modal double-faced cards (MDFCs) to Brawl decks if the color identity of the back face does not match their Commander.
  • Fires of Invention no longer counts the back faces of MDFCs for the number of lands you control.
  • Colorless spells with “x” in their mana cost are now highlighted in-hand when they are castable.
  • Thieving Skydiver’s kicker ability now functions correctly when casting it from the graveyard (e.g. Lurrus of the Dream-Den is on the battlefield).
  • Players should no longer experience an unexpected match complete when controlling multiple copies of Terror of the Peaks if one is targeted by a spell.

Source: SEP 22 – Patch Notes

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