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2021.04 Patch Notes - Strixhaven Game Update

2021.4.50 Patch Notes

Today’s minor patch just fixes a few bugs, but there are some big things on the horizon! Check out our latest news update for more info.

MAY 06 – 2021.4.50 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause social/friends list interactions to not work properly on iOS
  • Fixed a bug with the French translation for Fracture. Nous sommes désolés!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to not be full screen on Google Pixel 5 when Gesture Navigation is enabled
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Ecological Appreciation to fail to properly return the creatures to the battlefield
  • Fixed a bug when putting multiple Snarls and basics onto the battlefield with Journey to the Oracle
  • Fixed a bug that could make the cost reduction from Maelstrom Muse apply incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the daily & weekly win trackers to disappear after playing a Sparky match
  • Fixed a bug that could occur with Grinning Ignus with Ashaya, Soul of the Wild on the battlefield

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