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2022.16.0 Patch Notes

MTG Arena Patch 2022.16.0 brings 30 new cards for the Alchemy and Historic format, as well as updates to the user interface, Starter Decks folder, Historic Brawl unbans, bug fixes, new store items, and more!

For a summary of the changes, check out MTG Arena Announcements from May 25 and June 1. Full patch notes are detailed below:

Patch Notes – 2022.16.0

Game Update Highlights

  • Starter Decks folder
    • The Decks menu now has a folder that contains the Starter Decks, so you have easy access even if you delete them
    • Decks in this folder can’t be edited, but you can copy them to your collection, and they don’t count against your deck limit. Other than that, they work like any other deck in your collection
  • Alchemy updates, including Hotswapping!
    • Whenever cards are rebalanced, they will be automatically swapped out in any decks that are set for Alchemy or Historic (or any other format that uses rebalanced cards)
    • Decks will also smartly swap between rebalanced and normal versions of cards based on the queue or event you are entering. If you have a standard deck that uses Goldspan Dragon, it will show as legal for Alchemy queues/events, and when you enter them it will automatically swap to A-Goldspan Dragon
    • Rebalanced cards have been updated to show the Alchemy logo rather than the Arena logo. The digital-only card indicator (at the bottom of the cards, in the holo-stamp area) now uses the Alchemy logo as well
  • Back button from Events
    • When going to events from the Play Blade’s Events tab, there is now a back button to quickly return to the Play Blade
    • This should make it much easier to browse around the events and see what is available
  • Brawl Commanders & Perpetual Effects
    • We are adjusting the rules around Brawl Commanders and Perpetual to make the two mechanics play better together
    • As you move your commander to the command zone, you may choose to remove all perpetual effects on that Commander
    • That this is all or nothing choice; you cannot pick and choose effects to keep

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Further work to reduce cases where players can encounter a “Network Error” when trying to play the 5th node of a Color Challenge
    • If you still encounter this error, please contact Customer Service

General Changes

  • Adjusted style, positions, and spacing of Craft All and Delete buttons on Decks screen to hopefully ensure no one hits the wrong one by accident
  • All packs can now be purchased with either Gems or Gold
  • Banned list hover text in the deckbuilder will now only show formats in active events
  • Cleaned up messaging around acquiring an Invitation Token to qualifier weekends.
  • The Vault can now also be collected from the Wildcards pop up
  • Deck Details now reflects when a deck and its cosmetics cannot be edited (such as during sideboarding)
  • Entries are now removed from Recently Played if the deck is deleted
  • Added menu title to Credits

Gameplay – All Platforms

  • We’ve added hangers with details around perpetually lost abilities.
  • Autotap is now even better at complicated Halo Fountain solutions. Wanna tap a creature to make white mana to spend to untap that same creature? Go for it. Wanna turn Halo Fountain into a creature, tap it, then pay the costs for one of its abilities out of order and untap it, potentially retapping it? Today is your day.
  • We refactored some code around paying costs out of order. As a result, you can now animate a Halo Fountain, tap it, then activate one of its abilities, untapping it as one of the creatures you intend to untap for the cost, then retapping it to finish paying the cost. I don’t believe that this deck wins games, but I bet you’re having fun

Upcoming MTG Arena Events

Additional events added to MTG Arena. Read the MTG Arena Weekly Announcements to learn more!


Now Available

Alchemy: New Capenna is here! Fresh goods have dropped in the New Capenna Store, including the Construct Pet and new Mythic Packs!


Alchemist Bundle

  • 20x Alchemy: New Capenna Boosters

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Angelic Construct Bundle

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Inside Information

Cost: 2,700 Gems or 13,500

Dressed to Kill

Cost: 2,700 Gems or 13,500

Criminal Mischief

Cost: 2,700 Gems or 13,500

Life of the Party

Cost: 2,700 Gems or 13,500

The Sky’s the Limit

Cost: 2,700 Gems or 13,500

Card Styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

Agent of Raffine
Arming Gala
Back-Alley Gardener
Bank Job
Big Spender
Bind to Secrecy
Brokers’ Safeguard
Cabaretti Revels
Celestial Vault
Choice of Fortunes
Diviner of Fates
Effluence Devourer
Giant Regrowth
Graven Archfiend
Herald of Vengeance
Loose in the Park
Menagerie Curator
Nightclub Bouncer
Obscura Polymorphist
Pass the Torch
Racketeer Boss
Riveteers Provocateur
Rope Line Attendant
Shattering Finale
Skyline Savior
Spara’s Bodyguard
Spelldrain Assassin
Syndicate Recruiter
Traumatic Prank
Xander’s Wake

Leaving Soon

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that could make decks with uncollected cards appear invalid for events that allow you to play with uncollected cards (like the Alchemy Rebalance events)
  • Fixed a bug causing some Direct Challenge modes to give an unhelpful “Network Error” message instead of the proper “Options Mismatch” error
  • Fixed a bug where the social widget would overlap game UI in some menus on notched, mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where switching the deck view between horizontal & vertical while sideboarding would make non-functional craft & style buttons appear
  • Fixed sorting issues on Reward pop ups in the Color Challenge on Mobile
  • Fixed a bug where editing a deck from the Last Played tab could cause it to take on the name of another deck from your collection
  • Fixed a bug in the deckbuilder where the commander slot would display dimmed when it was empty
  • Fixed a bug with mousewheel scrolling on the Play Blade’s Events tab


  • Fixed an issue where Thryx’s “can’t be countered” ability was applying to both players
  • Mutual Destruction once again has flash if you control a permanent with flash
  • Light up the Night once again holds priority for X=0
  • Fixed a bug with the NEO battlefield that could make it difficult to target the opponent’s lands if they had 10 or more stacks
  • Shadow of Mortality was causing players to get stops to cause themselves to lose life even when it wasn’t in hand, but was visible. Now you can only hurt yourself if you’re actually able to play it
  • Davriel, Soul Broker‘s emblem that lowers the cost of spells by one black mana was lowering it too much in the scenario that the spell had hybrid mana including black AND was a split card. That’s been fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused Adventure spells that gained triggered abilities (somehow) to display those triggered abilities improperly on the stack
  • There was a bug where you could attach Toralf, God of Fury to a Skirk Prospector, then, despite it not showing up as payable, try to force using the ability where you discard the hammer, pay for that by sacrificing the Skirk Prospector, and then, unable to pay the unattach cost, cause an exception. Now the game just says the cost is unpayable and undoes all of that
  • An equipment that has lost all abilities (including its Equip ability) was not able to be attached using other methods, like Nahiri. Now you can! Which I guess is useful in extremely narrow cases!
  • A handful of cards that conjure didn’t have a hanger explaining conjure. They do now
  • Fixed a bug where Magecraft VFX were not displaying properly for all cards
  • Two color tokens now have the correct non-gold frame when their ability is on the stack. Now the healing can begin
  • Fixed a bug causing the backside of XLN DFCs to display their titles in the wrong color; they’ll be more readable now
  • Conjure VFX weren’t ending on iPhone 8. Now they are!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some pet reaction animations from playing properly
  • Fixed a bug that cause Fervent Champion’s VFX to play too low

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