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2022.18.20 Patch Notes

MTG Arena Patch 2022.18.20 is another small patch that brings several bug fixes. Players are experiencing various issues logging in and the Matt Jukes lands are still at large again after being added for the second time to the Summer Sale. The new Community Spotlight: Gladiator event is also now up, as well as the new Alchemy card rebalancings that caused an issue with the current draft queues:

Make sure to redeem the free code StickTogether to obtain 3,000 Mastery XP and 1,000 Gold as compensation for the disruptions caused by this patch! Full patch notes are transcribed below.

Collected Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Guildmaster & Borderless Planeswalker bundles were not reducing price properly for players that already collected some of their contents
  • Fixed a bug where the August season rewards inappropriately displayed SNC packs for Platinum, rather than the intended HBG packs
  • Tainted Remedy had an issue with life exchange effects. If a card like Axis of Mortality would cause an opponent to gain life, they lost that much life instead, but the controller of Tainted Remedy had no change to their life total. Now the life gain is replaced with life loss, and the controller’s life changes appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where the rulebook styles were not displaying properly in the deckbuilder for some Alchemy Horzons: Baldurs Gate cards (Goggles of the Night, Manticore, Baleful Beholder)
  • (We are still working a fix to return the Matt Jukes Lands bundle)


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