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A Case for Historic Brawl

Well hello there, Brewer’s Kitchen here another gameplay vid… Wait? There is no gameplay here? Today we are not talking about a deck, we are talking about a format. A format that everybody wants to play but nobody can: Historic Brawl.

Instead of an article on this topic I’ve made a video essay where I go over the problems with Brawl and how to fix them (spoiler alert: the answer is Historic Brawl).

I hope I’ve made enough arguments to make everybody realize that Historic Brawl can be a fantastic format if Wizards decides to let us play the game how we want to play it. If they do, here is a spicy decklist to get right into the action:

Jodah’s WTF Machine

The plan of the deck is simple but unconventional: Play mana rocks, play Jodah, find Omniscience, cast it with Jodah, Cast mana rocks to pay for Keruga’s Companion tax, cast Keruga, draw and play pretty much your entire deck, cast Karn’s Temporal Sundering for an extra turn, attack. You’d be surprised how often this works and how much fun it is to combo off with this pile of jank!

[sd_deck deck=”hnH-5D4Wn”]

Let’s hope we get to play Historic Brawl again soon – especially since Kaladesh Remastered is coming next month. That’s it for me! See you in the next one and keep on brewing!

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