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Core Set 2021 Standard Decks from Day 1

On June 25, Core Set 2021 has been released on MTG Arena. With this one being the last set before rotation in autumn, the card pool and overall power of the Standard has reached its peak. Ever since Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery ban, the metagame has mostly been dominated by Temur Reclamation, with Bant Control, Jund Sacrifice and Orzhov Discard competing for the honours of being the ‘second-best’. Will the Core 2021 be able to shake the status quo? This is our roundup of all the interesting decks from the first day of all the brewing and experimenting in the Magic community, featuring decks played by Mythic players, pros and streamers!

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is among the most powerful reprints to re-enter Standard with Core 2021. An 8-mana game-ending threat, he is a fitting win condition for the ramp decks, easily enabled by the likes of Growth Spiral, Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath and Nissa, Who Shakes the Earth.

It looks like Village Rites and Archfiend’s Vessel have found a welcome home in Rakdos Sacrifice and Mono Black brews on the very first day. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose is also seeing some experimentation in Aristocrat strategies – and even calls for Vampires to retake Standard.

The reprinted counterspell Rewind has paired with Nightpack Ambusher to form one of the most feared interactions in the format. This combo has laid the foundation for a new variant of the Simic Flash deck – an archetype that has already seen a resurgence in the last weeks of Ikoria format.

Finally, Izzet and Selesnya aficionados have been rewarded for their dedication with some sweet new tools in Core 2021. Stormwing Entity is a fresh UR wincon with Flying and Prowess that goes perfects with instant/sorcery spell-casting, and it looks like Arclight Phoenix could also make a return. In GW color combination, Conclave Mentor brings back the memories of Winding Constrictor with its efficiency in spreading the additional +1/+1 counters.

Check out the decklists below to learn what’s been cropping up on the Day 1 of Core 2021. Be wary though, popular decks from the first week can disappear very quickly. Please always think twice before committing your precious resources and Wildcards early on after a set release. A metagame will likely remain quite unstable in the first week or so – until the tournament and event results start to come out.

We will be continuously be adding all decks here, or you can go straight to our Standard deck section. We will be following up with deck techs, crafting guides, and more so stay tuned!


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