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Daily Deals May 13, 2021: A Variety of Relevant Standard Cardstyles

The Daily Deals for today in MTG Arena feature a mix of card styles from various archetypes, and most of the cards this time see some amount of play in Standard.

Fervent Champion and Rimrock Knight are of course staples of the mono red archetype this rotation, with both cards being featured in the majority of lists since they were printed. Wolfwillow Haven is also notable for being a staple in the Sultai Ultimatum deck and other ramp shells, so if you want to add some flashiness to either of these competitive decks, make sure to grab your cosmetics on the cheap while you can.

Miscast, Erebos's Intervention, and Roiling Vortex are less heavily played in Standard, but each has been included in specific archetypes and sideboards so don’t sleep on them if you’re running these cards. After all, what Standard legal card besides Miscast can counter your opponent’s turn 2 Tibalt's Trickery on the draw?

ItemPrice (Gems)Price (Gold)Discount
Erebos's Intervention2501,25075%
Roiling Vortex2501,25075%
Wolfwillow Haven15075075%
Fervent Champion2501,25075%
Rimrock Knight10050075%

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