Deck of the Day – Historic Boros Knights by Andrea Mengucci


We have the big Historic Challenge event coming up next week, so we will be covering some Historic content and decks for the next week or so! For today’s deck of the day, we share Magic Pro League member and Mythic Championship VII semi finalist Andrea Mengucci’s Historic Boros Knights deck he used on his stream a few days ago. You can follow him on Twitch and Twitter.

Boros Knights by Andrea Mengucci - January 2020 Season

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The deck leans heavily into mono white, as the only red cards are for Fervent Champion and Inspiring Veteran. Having History of Benalia is a huge boon to any Knight in Historic. The availability of Clifftop Retreat means the mana base can accommodate Benalish Marshal consistently as well, and even if you wanted to put some Embercleave in there. Do note that Tournament Grounds cannot be used to cast The Circle of Loyalty!

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